TOWN OF SWISS: Lake Twenty Six AIS Project


The Town of Swiss is sponsoring a 1-yr. aquatic invasive species (AIS) grant on behalf of Lake 26. The project includes four components, in-lake monitoring for AIS, installation of a large permanent sign at the Lake 26 public access point, a watercraft inspection program at the landing in accordance with the Wisconsin "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program, and education of lake residents. The project is based on 400 hours of in-kind volunteer hours including approx. 200 hours of actual watercraft inspection and additional time for volunteer in-lake monitoring, sign design, construction and installation, and volunteer project supervision & coordination. An additional 244 hours or more of watercraft inspection is provided for through incentives and available stipends built into the project. Upon completion of this project, the sponsor will provide the state with a comprehensive report including all of the following: * Documentation of all donated time and services related to the administration of this grant. * A watercraft inspection summary including total time spent and number of people reached. * A summary of CBCW survey results. * In-lake monitoring results. * Any AIS related materials generated or paid for by this grant. *In addition, all "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program activities including watercraft inspection hours, boat landing survey results, and trained citizen inspectors will be reported in accordance with CBCW guidelines by this projects completion date. Special conditions for this project: The project sponsor shall immediately contact proper DNR authorities in the event of a new aquatic invasive species infestation. The project sponsor will coordinate any treatment or other management response to an aquatic invasive species infestation with this person.

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