BAYFIELD COUNTY: Bayfield Co. Aquatic Invasive Species Education, Prevention & Planning


Bayfield County in cooperation with the ABDI Land Conservation Dept. is sponsoring a two-year countywide AIS project and position to do the following activities: create a network to support and streamline AIS prevention and control efforts; document AIS locations; provide AIS information and education outreach; obtain and manage funding to support evolving water quality issues. The final product of this project includes a countywide strategic plan that integrates the goals, objectives, and activities of interested parties into a manageable approach to deal with AIS. If a new AIS infestation is found, the AIS Coordinator and County may work with the respective lake group to develop a rapid response plan and/or an AIS plan that meets the requirements of NR 198.43. Project deliverables include: 1. A strategic plan to monitor and prevent new AIS infestations and prevent the spread of existing infestations. The plan will list planning participants, comments/input received, meetings and attendance, and a description for how success will be measured (i.e. measurable goals). 2. A project report/assessment of education/outreach activities (including participation in the Cooperative Weed Management Area), monitoring activities, data collected and examples of materials developed. The report will include a description of the extent of AIS in Bayfield County, as well as the information in 2-9. 3. GIS maps of current AIS infestations. 4. Boat landing and signage inventory. 5. Clean Boats Clean Waters, AIS Citizen Lake Monitoring, Adopt-a-Landing, and Shoreline Watch Aquatic Team trainings summaries that include number of participants. 6. County-wide network/resource list, lake contacts, monitors, volunteers, etc. 7. Summary and examples of press releases, newsletter articles, and other media contacts. A draft report/deliverables should be submitted to the regional Lake Coordinator for review before finalization.

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