Sheboygan River AOC Verification Monitoring


The verification efforts we propose are intended to confirm that riparian and aquatic habitat restoration and improvement projects are functioning as expected as well as to document biological improvements in the AOC that have resulted from restoration and remediation projects. There are five broad categories of monitoring efforts included in this proposal 1) aquatic community assessment, 2) riparian wildlife assessment, 3) fish and wildlife consumption advisory assessment, and 4) assessment of other aspects of environmental conditions and the biological community within the AOC.


The overarching goal of these verification surveys is to confirm that there has been some degree of improvement resulting from the restoration and remediation activities given expected inherent temporal variability and recovery times for various populations of interest.


Verify progress toward removing BUIs

Study Design

Aquatic Community Assessment Riparian Wildlife Assessment Fish and Wildlife Consumption Advisory Assessment Assessment of Other Aspects of the Biological Community

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