Lower Green Bay and Fox River AOC Habitat Restoration Plan and Path Toward Delisting


This project will support a two-year, two-phase project to assess baseline fish and wildlife habitat conditions and threats in the Lower Fox River and Green Bay Area of Concern (LFR&GB AOC) and its immediately contributing watershed. The product will be a restoration plan to guide delisting of two related beneficial use impairments (BUIs): 1) Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations and 2) Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat. The proposed project recognizes the ecological linkages between the delineated AOC and its immediate watershed and the supportive role of the watershed in developing a viable delisting strategy. The watershed assessment component of this project will address regional habitat needs of priority AOC fish and wildlife populations and watershed-based threats related to non-point pollution (i.e., excessive phosphorous and sediment loading).


Phase I of the project will focus primarily (but not exclusively) on finding, organizing, and evaluating existing data related to fish and wildlife populations within the delineated LFR&GB AOC. Additional information will be compiled on habitat dynamics, restoration opportunities, and threats within the delineated AOC boundary and in ecologically relevant portions of the contributing watershed. A significant output of Phase I will be the identification of data and information needs, some of which will be addressed during Phase II of the project. Phase II will synthesize historical and current fish and wildlife habitat and threat information within the AOC and its relevant watershed, creating a blueprint for protection and restoration activities. This analysis will recommend measurable thresholds for justifying delisting of the two BUIs as well as a recipe for evaluating progress toward the delisting process. The specific goals of this project are to: 1. assess the current status of the fish and wildlife habitat in the LGB&FR; 2. formulate measurable thresholds that will justify delisting of the BUI for fish and wildlife habitat; 3. identify and prioritize specific opportunities for protection, restoration and rehabilitation of fish and wildlife habitat in the AOC and contributing watershed in the context of these delisting thresholds and secondarily identify opportunities to reduce excessive nonpoint pollution impacting fish and wildlife; 4. catalog past and current LFR&GB AOC fish and wildlife habitat projects to assess their contribution towards the identified delisting thresholds; and 5. develop monitoring protocols for measuring the status of fish and wildlife habitat in the AOC and for documenting the success (or failure) of specific remediation projects.

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