Aquatic Mammal Surveys for St. Louis River AOC


This is a two year project to conduct population surveys of aquatic mammals within the estuary of the St. Louis River Area of Concern (AOC) to assess the status of the Degraded Fish and Wildlife Populations Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI).


Conduct surveys of aquatic mammals (beaver, mink, otter, and muskrat) to determine current populations. The data will be used to determine future actions for the Degraded Populations BUI in the AOC (either removing the BUI or guiding the selection of projects to address populations if needed).


Determination of status of BUI and eligibility for removal

Study Design

Note that detailed quarterly progress reports are included in the attached documents in SWIMS.

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Reports and Documents
This is the SOW that covers the UW work to conduct the aerial surveys & trail cam surveys, analyze data, and write final report.
Semi Aquatic Mammal Study St. Louis River Quarterly Report July-Sept 2016
April - June 2016 Quarterly Report
Quarterly Report
EPA-Approved project plan
This is the Quality Assurance Project Plan for the Assessment of semi-aquatic mammals in the St. Louis River Estuary (Minnesota and Wisconsin)
This is the SOW for the aerial surveys to be conducted by the DNR Science Services