Little Menomonee Parkway Grassland Restoration Project


This project will enhance/expand the grassland habitat in the AOC, and will improve breeding opportunities for grassland species that are designated as state and/or local species of concern. Currently, there is a lack of grassland habitat areas of any significant size elsewhere within the AOC.


The objectives of this project are to: • Restore native grassland habitat on the site • Improve breeding and migratory habitat for bird and invertebrate while also providing breeding habitat for herptile grassland species of local concern • Reduce erosion from the site to the Little Menomonee River and its 100-year floodplain.


This restoration project will consist of removing 20 acres of woody vegetation (mainly invasive species) using a forestry mower and chainsaws. One full year of invasive species control must be conducted after forestry mowing prior to planting native grassland/prairie species. Invasive species control will consist of foliar application and cut-stump treatments. The final phase of the project will take place at the end of 2014 and include planting 20 acres of the site to native prairie. Additional invasive species control on the entire 32.5 acres will be required by the Parks Department which is committed to the long-term maintenance of this project site.

Study Design

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Reports and Documents
Quarterly report
Expanded project area adjacent to original project area. County was able to complete original area ahead of schedule and under budget. Area expanded to complete more work in the time frame of the original work.
Quarterly report
Quarterly report covering December 2013-August 2014
Statement attesting that project documents meet EPA quality requirements
Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Culture's Scope of Work for The Little Menomonee Parkway Grassland Restoration project.