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An investigation of the water, sediment and fish tissues conducted between 1992 and 1994 identified contamination in eight miles of river stretching from Hayton Millpond, and impoundment on the South Branch Manitowoc River, through Pine Creek, a Hayton Millpond tributary, and Jordan Creek, a tributary to Pine Creek adjacent to the city of New Holstein. This area was selected by the WDNR as a priority sediment remediation demonstration project site. The study area is referred to as the Hayton Area Remediation Project (HARP). A cleanup investigation began in January, 1995. Foth and Van Dyke, in association with Asci Corporation, were selected by the WDNR and Wisconsin Department of Administration (WDOA) to conduct a remedial investigation and feasibility study on select soils and sediments in Calumet County. Field sampling completed in August 1995 characterized the extent and magnitude of PCB contamination. The study suggests soil and sediments in drainage ditches in the northeast section of New Holstein are the source of the contamination.

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