Impaired Water - Woodward Creek (Woodward Creek)
Jackson County, Wisconsin
0.00 - 4.02
Water is impaired due to one or more pollutants and associated quality impacts.
Woodward Creek was listed for Sediment and Degraded Habitat in 1998.

This water was assessed during the 2018 listing cycle; new biological (macroinvertebrate Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) scores) sample data were clearly below 2018 WisCALM listing thresholds for the Fish and Aquatic Life use.
Listing Details
Sediment/Total Suspended Solids
Listed For
Fish and Aquatic Life
Degraded Habitat
Current Use
WWFF - Warmwater Forage Fishery
Listing Status
303d Listed
Attainable Use
Salmonid Populations Stocked
Designated Use
Salmonid Populations Stocked
303(d) ID
Listing Date
Impaired Water Notes
Fish surveys found six creek chubs at CTH N (SWIMs ID = 10021697) and no fish were collected upstream at Selmer Road (SWIMs ID = 10021698). Fish IBI ratings would be very poor due to the lack of fish collected during the surveys. Qualitative habitat ratings were poor and fair at CTH N and Selmer Road, respectively. The stream at both locations was incised and relatively wide and shallow. Substrate consisted of sand and no fish cover was observed within the survey station. The lower site was heavily grazed and the upper site had cropfields near the riparian area. Macroinvertebrate samples were collected but results were not available by this report date. Gammerus were observed in very high numbers at both sites during the fish surveys.