Impaired Water - Stillwell Creek (Stillwell Creek)
Monroe County, Wisconsin
0.01 - 2.46
Water is impaired due to one or more pollutants and associated quality impacts.
On 303d list, TMDL approved by EPA; also on 1980 trout streams list (class 2), proposed change to Class III 2008.
Stillwell Creek is a 4.7-mile trout stream with a gradient of 28 feet per mile that drains an area of
approximately five square miles. A 2.2-mile segment downstream from the cranberry operation supports
a class III trout fishery whereas the segment upstream of the cranberry operation is classified as a class II
trout fishery. The segment of the creek downstream of the cranberry operation is considered impaired
because the fish community is rated poor as measured using the Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI). The low
IBI scores are believed to be due to high temperatures, and degraded habitat which is reflected in an
elevated fine sediment count.

2006 303d list changes: description as miles 0.6-2.8.
Listing Details
Sediment/Total Suspended Solids
Listed For
Fish and Aquatic Life
Elevated Water Temperature
Current Use
Salmonid Populations Stocked
Listing Status
TMDL Approved
Attainable Use
Coldwater - stocked, reproduction
Not Applicable
Designated Use
Coldwater - stocked, reproduction
303(d) ID
Listing Date
Impaired Water Notes
This stream was added to the 303d list by Central Office in 2003 but the segment of stream identified was incorrect and should be removed from the list. This is an effort to correct that listing. The Stillwell Creek listing should be replaced by the segment described here. Stream miles 0.6-2.8 (Total miles: 2.2). This stream is located within the Fort McCoy Military Reservation and Habelman’s Cranberry Marsh.

Impaired Water Notes
The portion located within Fort McCoy, TMDL was developed by EPA. The sediment TMDL for the Squaw and Stillwell Creeks was approved by the EPA March 30, 2007.