Impaired Water - Martin Br (Martin Branch)
Grant County, Wisconsin
4.00 - 5.32
Water is impaired due to one or more pollutants and associated quality impacts.
Listed under 2006 303D. Martin Branch is a 10-mile long stream with a drainage area of approximately 13 square miles. Martin Branch flows south into the Little Grant River near Lancaster, Wisconsin (Page 5 of the TMDL). Martinville Creek is 5 miles in length, and has a drainage area of approximately 7 square miles. Martinville Creek flows west into the Platte River near Annaton, Wisconsin (Page 9 of the TMDL). Rogers Branch is 12 miles in length, and has a drainage area of approximately 14 square miles.
Listing Details
Sediment/Total Suspended Solids
Listed For
Fish and Aquatic Life
Degraded Habitat
Current Use
Coldwater - stocked, reproduction
Listing Status
TMDL Approved
Attainable Use
Coldwater - stocked, reproduction
Not Applicable
Designated Use
Coldwater - stocked, reproduction
303(d) ID
Listing Date
Impaired Water Notes
Best professional judgment from observations during TMDL monitoring and fish surveys conducted in 2005. Sedimentation is an issue throughout the length of the stream, as deposition is extensive in runs and pools. Row cropping and pasturing have been observed adjacent to stream banks in the stream corridor of the lower 5.32 miles. The currently listed impaired segment (miles 5.32-9.94) is influenced by low flow and intermittent pools, in addition to non point source pollution from nearby agricultural practices.

Impaired Water Notes
Stream may be segmented in future based on new monitoring data. TMDL approved for water September 25, 2007.