Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Last Updated: January 10, 2014

Impaired Waters Search Help Tool

The Impaired Waters Search Tool may be used to search the Waterbody Assessment and Electronic Tracking and Reporting System (WATERS) for impaired waters listings, delisted waters, as well as proposals to update the list (i.e. state-identified impaired waters that are not yet EPA-approved). Hyperlinks provide avenues for you to explore more information about your water.

This search tool is designed to provide detailed listing information for specific waters and/or a subsets of waters and can provide a download of the comprhensive impaired waters list. The following search fields are available for you to search the database: water name and/or Waterbody Identification Code (WBIC), watershed code, watershed name, county, water type, pollutant, listing status, TMDL development priority and water category. These terms are explained below. Once queried and a list of waters is returned, you may simply download the file to excel or use online by using the hyperlinks to more information or viewing the water in the Surface Water Data Viewer.

Search Variables

Status Categories:

The search field "Status" may be used to determine whether the listing is proposed to be added to or removed from a draft or EPA-approved Impaired Waters List, has an EPA-approved TMDL or one is being developed, or a listing for which an Environmental Accountability Project (EAP) is underway. The status field also provides information on historic waterbody and/or pollutant listings, such as previously delisted waters.

Status Definitions