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Wildlife and forestry research - former research projects

Research began in 1929, over the years more than 350 wildlife and forestry research projects have been completed. Below is a partial list of former research projects.


A few former research projects

Ruth Hine working on a small mammal and pathology research project.

Buzz Besadny and John Gates tagging pheasants in a landmark study in the 1960s determining the critical role of secure wintering habitat for ring-necked pheasants.

Jim Hale, long-time Wildlife Research section chief (1960s-1980), aging deer at Sandhill Wildlife Area as part of study on white-tailed deer populations and habitat relationships.

Chuck Pils pulling a fox pup out of a den as part of a 1971-1975 study to determine the population dynamics and predator-prey relationships of red fox in Wisconsin.

Dick Hunt, long-time waterfowl research biologist and Mississippi Flyway Technical representative (1950s-1980s), banding ducks.

John Kubisiak marking a ruffed grouse as part of a study of ruffed grouse population dynamics and habitat relationships at Sandhill Wildlife Area.

Jerry Bartelt radio-marking a Canada goose as part of a study evaluating movements, survival, and the cohesiveness of Canada goose family groups in relation to disturbance, as well as tracking them to their arctic breeding grounds and southern wintering areas.

Bruce Kohn and Ned Norton marking a black bear as part of a landmark study determining critical population information for the management of black bears in Wisconsin.

Larry Vine assisting with work on the duck breeding ecology and harvest characteristics on Grand River Marsh Wildlife Area research project.



  • Cappercaillie and Black Grouse Research Project
  • Ecology and Management of Wisconsin Woodcock
  • Electric Fencing For Duck and Pheasant Production
  • Gray Partridge Survey Techniques and Management
  • Ruffed Grouse Management Research Project
  • Inventory of Bobwhite Quail, Relative Abundance, and Range Quality
  • Mortality and Life-history Studies of Pheasants
  • Status and Management of Sharp-Tailed Grouse in Northwestern Wisconsin
  • Stocking Evaluation of F1 Ring-necked Pheasants
  • Wild Turkey Populations and Management


  • Aversive Conditioning of Predators to Increase Grassland Bird Success
  • Biology of Raptors in Southern Wisconsin
  • Ecology of the Greater Sandhill Crane
  • Grassland Bird Status, Distribution, Habitat Preference, and Response to Management Practices
  • Population Status of Barn Owls in Wisconsin
  • Relation of Regional Forest Change to Northern Forest Birds
  • State Natural Area Breeding Bird Surveys
  • Trumpeter Swan Ecology, Restoration, and Habitat Suitability


  • Canvasback Status and Habitat Management
  • Characteristics of Scattered Wetlands in Relation to Duck Production
  • Cooperative Waterfowl Research with the Mississippi Flyway Council
  • Ecology of Canada Geese During Spring Migration in Wisconsin
  • Evaluation of Switchgrass Nest Cover for Pheasants and Ducks
  • Evaluation of Waterfowl Production Units in Wisconsin
  • Harvest of Local Waterfowl in Wisconsin
  • Relationship of Predator Abundance to Duck Nest Success
  • Resident Canada Goose Distribution, Production, and Harvest
  • Wisconsin Mallard Recovery and Survival Rates


  • Biology of Southern Wisconsin Deer
  • Deer Aging Techniques
  • Deer Forage Production in Aspen Stands
  • Deer Management Research Project
  • Deer Population and Range Changes Following Herd Removal at the Sandhill Wildlife Area
  • Deer Population Measurements and Harvest Recommendations in Management Units
  • Development of Deer Habitat Recommendations
  • Relation of Forest Cover Types to Deer Population
  • Statewide Deer Reproduction Study
  • Winter Deer Range Evaluation/Checks


  • Bear Population Indices and Harvest Rates
  • Bobcat Population Indices
  • Distribution and Abundance of Badger, Fisher, and Gray Fox in Wisconsin
  • Fisher Populations and Harvest Strategies
  • Homing Tendencies, Habitat Use, and Productivity of Translocated Nuisance Black Bears in Northern Wisconsin
  • Impacts of the U.S. Highway 53 Expansion Project on Wolves in Northwestern Wisconsin
  • Pine (American) Marten Population Status
  • Population Dynamics of Wisconsin Red Foxes
  • Population Status of Wisconsin Otters
  • Status and Management of Black Bears in Wisconsin


  • Characteristics of Upland Woodlots on a Southeastern Wisconsin Study Area
  • Comparison of Old-Growth and Managed Forest Communities
  • Forest Game and Range Research Project
  • Forest Habitat Maintenance and Methods
  • Forest Opening Construction
  • Forest Opening Maintenance Methods
  • Landscape Scale Management of Northwest Pine Barrens
  • Oak Ecosystem Management
  • Reconstruction and Mapping of Presettlement Forest Ecosystems in Northern Forests
  • Refinement of Forest Management Practices to Improve Land Use and Maintain Biodiversity in the Northern Wisconsin Forests


  • A Multi-Scale Approach to Managing Prairie and Grassland Resources in Southwest Wisconsin Agricultural Landscape
  • Ecologically Sustainable Agricultural Systems
  • Experimental Wildlife Habitat Management on Farmlands
  • Identification of Landscape Management Opportunities and Needs in Wisconsin
  • Improving Agricultural Practices to Benefit Wildlife
  • Landscape-Scale Planning for Species and Habitats of Greatest Conservation Need
  • Mapping and Analysis of Wisconsin Pre-European Vegetation
  • Private Lands Habitat Development for Pheasants, Ducks, and Cottontails
  • Spread and Control of Purple Loosestrife in Wisconsin
  • Sustainability for Northern Inland Lakes: Wildlife Habitat and Human-use Values
  • Wisconsin Wetland Game and Range Research Project


  • Effects of Contaminant Exposure on top Predator Populations in Wisconsin Aquatic Habitats
  • Impact of Pesticides on Non-Target Organisms in the Buena Vista Marsh
  • Incidence of Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Other Chlorinated Insecticides in Raccoons
  • Levels of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PDBEs) in eggs of Wisconsin Cormorants


  • Activities and Attitudes of Wisconsin Hunters
  • Assessment of Climate Change Impacts and the Development of Management Strategies for Wisconsin's Forests and Terrestrial Wildlife
  • Beaver Population Status
  • Development of Guidelines to Prevent Excessive Mortality to Bats
  • Evaluation of Project Wild Wisconsin
  • Jackrabbit Distribution and Abundance in Wisconsin
  • Management Impacts on Prairie Invertebrates
  • Muskrat Management Research Project
  • Private Lands Habitat Development for Pheasants, Ducks, and Cottontails
  • Snowshoe Hare Index
Last revised: Tuesday November 13 2018