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For information about how to deal with wildlife causing crop damage, contact:
Brad Koele
Wildlife Damage Biologist
Bureau of Wildlife Management
715-356-5211 ext. 234

Damage permit hunting

The Wildlife Damage and Abatement Claims Program (WDACP) provides two types of hunting opportunities:

  1. hunting access during the open season
  2. agricultural damage shooting permit program

Regulations you should know for hunting on lands enrolled in the damage program.

Hunting access during the open seasons

In order for farmers to be eligible for damage compensation they must provide hunting access to the public for the species they are enrolled for, generally deer, during the regular open hunting season(s) for that species. Public hunting access requirement may apply to property the farmer owns or leases.

Farmers have two options for providing access to hunters during the open seasons.

  1. Managed Access: The farmer can limit access to 2 hunters per 40 acres of land suitable for hunting. The county damage specialist determines the amount of land suitable for hunting. Open fields are not considered land suitable for hunting. All hunters must ask permission of the farmer prior to hunting and must sign in on the farmer's log book. This is the most common option chosen by farmers.
  2. Open Access: Any number of hunters may hunt on the farmer's land during the open season. All hunters must notify the farmer of their intent to hunt on the farmer's land.

List of farmers enrolled in the WDACP

Agricultural damage shooting permit program

Farmers who receive agricultural damage shooting permits are required to fill their tags by specific deadlines. They have the option to provide some of their tags to hunters who would like to help them shoot deer, bear, turkeys or geese that are damaging their crops. These permits are valid both inside and outside of the regular hunting seasons. Farmers are interested in alleviating damages throughout the growing season, and many farmers with deer permits will look for hunters to assist them in filling their tags prior to the crop growing season.

Again, farmers are not required to allow hunters to use their damage tags.

List of farmers who have received damage shooting permits

These lands may not be open to public hunting. Please check the list above for farmers enrolled whose properties are open to public hunting.

Last revised: Monday January 14 2019