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Contact information
For information on Regulations and Season Structure implementation, contact:
Sam Jonas
Assistant big game ecologist
Bureau of Wildlife Management

Deer trustee report implementationRegulations & Seasons Structure Action Team

Additional reading material about the regulations and season structure action team can be found here. From survey findings to outside research, this is your one stop shop for information on the Deer Trustee Report implementation process.

Regulation and season structure binder documents

At the April 6 regulation and season structure action team meeting the team members were given a binder of requested documents.

Tab O [PDF]
Preliminary Documents in Binder
Tab A [PDF]
Reference for "Reduce the number of DMR's and combine farmland regions"
Tab B [PDF]
Reference for "simplify the regulatory process by setting antlerless harvest goals, harvest regulations and antlerless permit quotas on a three to five year cycle."
Tab C [PDF]
Reference for "Limit antlerless deer harvest in Regular and Herd Control Zones."
Tab D [PDF]
Reference for "Re-evaluate the effectiveness of the October antlerless seasons in the CWD zones."
Tab E [PDF]
Reference for "Maintain the current buck limit of one buck per Deer Gun License (may be used in the muzzleloader season) and one buck per Archery Deer License."
Tab F [PDF]
No additional documents provided for, "Maintain the Bonus Buck Regulation in CWD Zone."
Tab G [PDF]
Reference for "Resolve the cross-bow season issue through the public involvement process.".
Tab H [PDF]
Reference for "Resolve the baiting and feeding issue outside CWD affected areas."
Tab I [PDF]
No additional documents provided for, "Base Antlerless Permit Quotas on DMU historical demand."
Tab J [PDF]
Reference for "Increase the cost of all antlerless tags for Regular and Herd Control Units to $12."
Tab K [PDF]
Reference for "Consider charging a fee for antlerless tags in the CWD Zone."
Tab L [PDF]
Reference for "Establish a public lands antlerless permit system."
Tab M [PDF]
Reference for "It is recommended that the Conservation Congress must have a more active role in deer management decision-making at the local level."

Additional data request documents

The following documents are additional documents provided from data requests.

All county kills [PDF]
All harvest deer listed by county from 1932-2012
Archery deer questionaire results [PDF]
Results from a 2009 questionnaire pertaining to crossbows.
Conservation congress crossbow question [PDF]
2012 Conservation congress question for spring hearing.
Harvest hunter [PDF]
Hunter success by harvest from 1966-2012
Public land [PDF]
A list of percentages of public land available per deer management unit
2010 Gun deer hunting [PDF]
Results from 2010 gun deer hunting questionnaire.
Gun and archery harvest [PDF]
2012-2013 Gun and archery harvest by date.
Last revised: Monday April 15 2013