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For information on Regulations and Season Structure implementation, contact:
Wildlife biologist
Bureau of Wildlife Management

Deer trustee report implementationRegulations & Seasons Structure Action Team

Regulation and season structures are frequently modified to adapt to the changing herd health and habitat size. The goals of the regulations and season structure action team [PDF] will be to identify what the season framework should look like into the future, what different types of seasons and permits that should be available across the state and what type of process and metrics should be used to define an acceptable deer population at the county level.

Submitted proposals

  1. Reduce number of DMUs, combine farmland regions [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  2. Simplify regulatory process, three-five year cycle [PDF] Revised 7/6/13
  3. Use DMU highest demand as base for permit quotas [PDF]
  4. Increase cost of all antlerless tags to $12 [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  5. Charge a fee for antlerless tags in CWD zone [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  6. Establish public lands antlerless permit system [PDF] Revised 6/8/13
  7. Limit antlerless deer harvest in regulation and herd control zones [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  8. Re-evaluate October antlerless season in CWD zone [PDF] Revised 6/29/13
  9. Maintain current buck limit for gun and archery [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  10. Maintain bonus buck regulation in CWD zone [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  11. Resolve cross-bow season issue [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  12. Resolve baiting/feeding issue outside CWD affected area [PDF]
  13. Put the fun back into hunting by simplifying seasons, bag limits and youth qualifications [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  14. Develop public lands antlerless permit system [PDF]
  15. WCC more active role in deer management decision-making [PDF]

Additional Parking Lot Items

  1. Antlerless only season [PDF]
  2. How do we address over-population with EAB removed by legislation? [PDF]
  3. Group bagging for archery season [PDF]
  4. Group bagging for firearm season [PDF]
  5. Bonus buck outside of CWD zone [PDF]
  6. Holiday hunt [PDF]

Action Team information

Meeting date Materials Presentations Additional resources
March 9
  • Regulations and seasons [PDF]
  • April 6
    April 27
    May 18
    June 8
    June 29
    July 20

    Additional resources from the regulation and season structure action team meetings.

    Last revised: Tuesday January 05 2016