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Contact information
For information on DTR implementation, contact:
Eric Lobner
Deputy division administrator
Bureau of Wildlife Management

Draft DTR Action Team implementation proposals

The following deer trustee recommendations are listed as each action team submits their implementation proposal. Review the progress of each action team's proposals by selecting any of the listed deer trustee recommendations.

Population management

  1. Limit use of SAK accounting style models [PDF]
  2. Do away with population goals and estimates at DMU level [PDF]
  3. Replace current DMU population goal definition [PDF]
  4. Develop metrics for DMU population goal monitoring [PDF]
  5. Reduce the number of DMUs, combine farmland regions

Hunting regulations, seasons and bag limits

  1. Simplify regulatory process, three-five year cycle [PDF] Revised 7/6/13
  2. Use DMU highest demand as base for permit quotas [PDF]
  3. Increase cost of all antlerless tags to $12 [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  4. Charge a fee for antlerless tags in CWD zone
  5. Establish public lands antlerless permit system [PDF] Revised 6/8/13
  6. Limit antlerless deer harvest in regulation and herd control zones [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  7. Establish DMAP antlerless permit system [PDF]
  8. Re-evaluate October antlerless season in CWD zone
  9. Maintain current buck limit for gun and archery [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  10. Maintain bonus buck regulation in CWD zone
  11. Resolve cross-bow season issue [PDF] Revised 7/20/13
  12. Resolve baiting/feeding issue outside CWD affected area [PDF]
  13. Put the fun back into hunting by simplifying seasons, bag limits and youth qualifications [PDF] Revised 7/20/13

Predator studies and management

  1. Continue research on impacts of predators [PDF]
  2. Involve public with field-based research projects [PDF]
  3. Geospatial studies of predators, esp. wolves [PDF]

Chronic wasting disease

  1. Consider a more passive approach to CWD in DMZ [PDF]
  2. Develop a new sampling protocol for CWD
  3. Response plan focused on early detection [PDF]
  4. Implement statewide DMAP program
  5. Provide more info on humans contracting a CWD variant [PDF]
  6. Decrease time required for CWD test results [PDF]
  7. Annual meeting of DMAP cooperators
  8. WDNR work closely with WCC at county level
  9. Be proactive-use human dimensions research
  10. Make Charlotte the Deer-mascot of CWD [PDF]

Harvest data, herd health and productivity

  1. Involve public in volunteer based data collection [PDF]
  2. Conduct annual late winter field necropsy study [PDF]
  3. Annual DMAP workshop, annual report [PDF]


  1. Conduct annual range evaluations to assess habitat health and condition [PDF]


  1. Implement a DMAP [PDF]
  2. DMAP cooperators receive annual report [PDF]
  3. Develop public lands antlerless permit system [PDF]
  4. Agreements with GLIFWC, also many other factors [PDF]
  5. Expand public education/outreach efforts [PDF]

DNR research and technical publications

  1. Establish research steering committee [PDF]
  2. Human dimensions research development [PDF]
  3. Develop long-term research plan [PDF]
  4. Cooperative efforts with other agencies [PDF]
  5. Research projects of an applied nature [PDF]
  6. Project results should be extended to public
  7. Develop a Wildlife Disease Unit [PDF]

Conservation congress

  1. WCC more active role in deer management decision-making [PDF]


  1. Addition of Deer Management Assistance Coordinator [PDF]

Additional Parking Lot Items

  1. Antlerless only season [PDF]
  2. How do we address over-population with EAB removed by legislation? [PDF]
  3. Group bagging for archery season [PDF]
  4. Group bagging for firearm season [PDF]
  5. Bonus buck outside of CWD zone [PDF]
  6. Holiday hunt [PDF]
  7. Future of the CWD management zone [PDF]
  8. Harvest of white-deer in the CWD zone [PDF]
  9. Deer Rehibilitation in CWD zone [PDF]
  10. Reducing risk of new CWD introductions [PDF]
  11. Support of CWD research [PDF]
Last revised: Friday November 04 2016