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Continuing education for drillers and pump installers

Wisconsin law requires licensed water well drillers, heat exchange drillers and pump installers to earn continuing education each year in order to renew each license. DNR evaluates courses offered by training providers, approves the number of continuing education credits and the license type(s) for each course. Approved courses can include lectures, formal hands-on training and online classes. DNR posts approved courses on a continuing education calendar.

For drillers, installers and rig operators

For a list of approved courses and registration contacts, visit the continuing education calendar. The department may require attendance at specific presentations in any year. The department may also limit the number of credits obtained in specific topic areas in any year.

continuing education calendar button

Requirements for individual license holders (driller or pump installer)

Licensed water well drillers, heat exchange drillers and pump installers are required to attend six (6) hours of continuing education during each calendar year for each license held. Failure to attend six hours for each license in any year results in nonrenewal of the license(s) the following year. If a license is not renewed, the individual must take and pass a license exam(s) to become licensed again.

Requirements for individual registrants (rig operators)

Water well drilling rig operators and heat exchange drilling rig operators are required to attend six (6) hours of continuing education during each calendar year for each registration held. Failure to attend at least six hours per registration in any year results in nonrenewal of the registration(s) for the following year. No exam is required to become registered again, but the registered rig operator may not count a year in which he/she did not attend continuing education as experience toward obtaining a driller license.

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For training providers

Continuing education course application

Use Continuing Education Course Application – Form 3300-252 [PDF] to request course approval for credit hours of continuing education for drillers, pump installers and drill rig operators. Complete the application electronically, save it and “Submit by Email” using the button at the center top of the form. For each one hour of presentation, explain the applicability to each license type and list at least five different subtopics in the course outline. Indicate whether you want DNR to publicize the training on the continuing education calendar for drillers and pump installers.

Criteria for evaluation

DNR evaluates each hour of proposed continuing education for applicability to the license/registration type. Continuing education presentations and courses may be approved for more than one license type depending on content. For example, some presentations could be applicable to both water well driller or pump installer licenses. Other presentations may only be applicable to one license type. Various formats including lecture, formal hands-on training and online classes can be approved for continuing education credit. More details can be found in the following documents:

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Frequently asked questions

How can I find out whether a presentation is approved for continuing education for my license(s)?

Check the course details on the continuing education calendar.

continuing education calendar button

How will DNR know which courses I attend?

Course providers are required to submit attendance lists to DNR, so your credits can be documented.

May I repeat an approved course or presentation to obtain additional credit hours?

Yes, you may, if it has been at least three years since the last time you attended that approved course or presentation.

May I carry over extra continuing education credit hours that I obtained this year to next year?

No, state law requires that continuing education credits be earned between January 1 and December 31 in order to renew the license or registration for the following year.

May I receive continuing education credit for time spent attending a trade show?

Yes, you may receive one hour of credit per year for each license, for attending exhibits at an applicable trade show. Water well drillers and pump installers may receive one hour of credit for the Wisconsin Water Well Association Convention or the National Groundwater Association Groundwater Week. Heat exchange drillers may receive one hour of credit for the Wisconsin Geothermal Association Convention or the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association Convention. Exhibits and trade shows at other events are not approved for driller/installer continuing education credit.

Am I required to attend more than six hours of continuing education in a calendar year?

If you hold more than one license type, you may be required to attend more than six hours of coursework to obtain the required continuing education hours for all your licenses. Each hour of continuing education in an approval request is evaluated for its applicability to the three license types. A presentation on well inspections, for example, would be applicable to pump installer or water well driller licenses, but not to heat exchange driller licenses. A presentation on drilling methods could be applicable to both water well and heat exchange driller licenses, but not to pump installer licenses.

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Last revised: Thursday August 22 2019