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Why we regulate
Learn what types of wastewater discharges are regulated and how.
Plan review
The DNR reviews plans for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant construction.
Discharge permits
Wastewater discharges to surface or groundwater.
Contact information
For information on plan review submittals, contact:
Trevor Moen
Plan review coordinator

Plan submittal requirements for municipal and industrial sewerage systems

Note: The COVID-19 emergency is a rapidly evolving situation. The wastewater program anticipates that staff will continue to review plans during this emergency.

To facilitate review while staff are working remotely, the wastewater program requests that all submittals, including required forms and supporting documents, be provided via email; the requirement for paper copies is suspended at this time. DNR prefers that documents are provided via a download link (ftp servers, etc.) in an email in order to prevent overwhelming email inbox capacity. If that option is not available to you, DNR staff can receive emails up to 20 MB. Submittals can be sent to:

Please ignore any references to paper submittals on this or other pages for wastewater plan submittals as long as this banner is present.

Submittal forms

All submittal forms are provided as fillable forms. Submittal forms 3400-059, 3400-160 and 3400-168 were last revised in 2016. Forms 3400-205 and 3400-095 were last updated in 2014. Form 3400-105 has been eliminated. Forms 3400-160 and 3400-205 are now required for all sewer and lift station projects.

Submittal form for construction plans and specifications

Form 3400-205 is required to be submitted with all requests for approval of municipal and industrial construction plans and specifications. Form 3400-205 will help ensure efficiency of the review process and allow owners to request expedited plan review for certain types of projects.

Clean Water Fund project submittals

Information regarding submittals for Clean Water Fund projects is available from the DNR's Community Financial Assistance Program.

Type of submittal Submitted forms (completed & signed) and associated information
Sewer and/or Lift Station
Municipal Construction Plans & Specifications
(Includes extensions, relays or renovation, plus pressure sewer)
Transmittal Letter
1 Set of Plans on paper in half-size format (11" x17")
1 CD containing PDF files of the PE stamped plans and specifications
1 Form 3400-205
1 Form 3400-160
1 Form 3400-059
1 Form 3400-095 (Not necessary if no sewer work included)
1 Form 3400-168 (Only necessary if lift station included)
1 Regional Planning Conformance letter (if applicable)
Owner Approval Letter(s) (if applicable)
Sewer specifications for Municipal Projects (4-year approvals) Transmittal Letter
1 Set of specifications on paper
1 CD containing a PDF files of the PE stamped specifications
1 Form 3400-205
1 Form 3400-095
Wastewater Treatment Systems
Municipal Construction Plans & Specifications
(Includes new and upgraded treatment plant, groundwater monitoring wells and septage storage facilities)
Transmittal Letter
1 Form 3400-205
2 Sets of plans on paper in the half-size format (11” x 17”)
2 Sets of specifications on paper
2 copies of design calculations
1 CD containing PDF files of the PE stamped plans and specifications

Do NOT send an extra set of plans and specification for Clean Water Fund projects
Municipal Facility Plan Report for Wastewater Collection and/or Treatment per ss. NR 110.08 and 110.09, 110.10 or 110.11, Wis. Adm. Code
(Includes Infiltration/Inflow Analysis, Sewer System Evaluation Surveys, System Evaluation and Capacity Assurance Plans)
Transmittal Letter
2 paper copies of the Facilities Plan report
1 CD containing a single PDF file copy of the report
(Note: A Facility Plan report addressing relatively minor upgrading may be referred to as an "Engineering Report")
Effluent Limit Request for Facility Planning Purposes Transmittal Letter
3 copies of report addressing derivation of design flows and identifying proposed discharge locations.
Treatment Plant Capacity Re-Rating Requests Transmittal Letter
2 copies of plant evaluation report and design calculations
Parallel Cost Ratio Calculations
(Required per s. NR 162.07(1)(b), Wis. Adm. Code to identify portion of project eligible for low interest rate Clean Water Fund loan)
Transmittal Letter
1 copy of parallel cost ratio calculations
A single copy of the parallel cost ratio submittal can be sent by e-mail. Paper copies are not required.
Industrial Pretreatment Wastewater System
(Discharges into publicly owned treatment works) - Construction Plans & Specifications
A transmittal letter with a CD containing a single PDF file of the following:
the plans, specifications (if required by the Pretreatment Coordinator) and an Engineering Report

Submittal may be made by email to Robert Liska with a single PDF attachment if the file is not too large (<10MB)
Industrial Wastewater System
Construction Plans & Specifications
(WPDES permitted facility)
Transmittal Letter
1 Form 3400-205
2 sets of plans on paper in the half-size format (11” x 17”)
2 sets of specifications on paper
2 copies of an engineering report (if necessary)
1 CD containing PDF files of the PE stamped plans and specifications


If you have questions on the submittal requirements for industrial or municipal systems, please contact a department plan reviewer.

Last revised: Thursday March 19 2020