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Frequently Asked Questions

October 25, 2011

Here are answers to some of the recent most frequently asked law enforcement questions taken this week by the DNR Call Center.
The Call Center is staffed daily, 7 a.m. - 10 p.m., and offers bilingual service in Spanish and Hmong. The number is 1-888-936-7463.

Question 1: During the 9-day gun season, can we use archery equipment with our gun buck license? Because the archery season has been extended into the gun season, there seems to be some confusion on what that means. Can hunters use their gun tag with archery equipment.

Answer: No, the gun deer license is valid only for gun hunting and the archery license is only valid for archery hunting. The licenses are not interchangeable. The type of weapon that must be used to fill certain tags -- the "Gun Buck Deer Carcass Tag, the Archery Buck Deer Carcass Tag, and the Archery Antlerless Deer Carcass Tags" are printed on the tags. Some antlerless deer tags are not weapon specific, such as the Herd Control and Bonus Antlerless deer tags. However, when hunting deer with a firearm, a person must have a valid gun deer, Patrons or Sports license, and when hunting deer with archery equipment, a person must have a valid Archery or Patrons hunting license.

If a person has both an archery and firearm deer hunting license, it is legal to carry and hunt with both a bow and a firearm at the same time during the 9-day gun deer season if not hunting in a mentorship situation. As stated above, the appropriate weapon must be used to fill certain tags.

Question 2: Can the Mentored Deer Hunting license be used during the regular gun deer hunt if not filled in the youth hunt?

Answer: Yes, a regular deer hunting license that states "Mentored Hunter" on it is not only valid during the 2-day youth hunt. It is valid for any gun deer season, including the 9-day gun deer season, muzzleloader season, December 4-day antlerless deer season, and the firearm deer seasons in the CWD zone, provided the youth still has an appropriate unfilled tag, or is hunting with someone who has an unfilled tag.

Question 3: What are the hunting hours for pheasant?

Answer: Pheasant season runs this year from October 15 to December 31. Open hunting hours are at noon on October 15, the remainder of the season will open during standard hours listed in the back of the small game regulations. (See page 31-32). Closure hours are also listed on page 31-32. Some state properties do have a 2 p.m. closure for hunting hours. For a list of these properties, see page 13 in your small game regulations. If you do not have the regulations pamphlet to refer to, pheasant hunting hours after opening day begin one-half-hour before sunrise and end 20 minutes after sunset.

Last revised: Friday August 31 2012