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Frequently Asked Questions

July 2, 2012

Here are answers to some of the recent most frequently asked law enforcement questions taken this week by the DNR Call Center.
The Call Center is staffed daily, 7 a.m. - 10 p.m., and offers bilingual service in Spanish and Hmong. The number is 1-888-936-7463.

Question 1: Where do I find a registration plate for my ATV or my UTV?

Answer: The ATV & UTV rear registration plates that will be required effective July 1, 2012 can be purchased at a local retailer, or made by the customer. It just needs to meet the specifications detailed in the law. The plate shall be a minimum of4 inches in height and a minimum of 7 1/2 inches in width. The plate shall be white and shall display, in black letters/numbers, the four-number and two-letter registration ID number for the all-terrain vehicle or utility terrain vehicle issued by the department. The registration ID numbers shall be a minimum of 1 1/2 inches in height, and a minimum of a 3/16-inch wide. More details on the new ATV & UTV laws can be found at the following web site.

Question 2: Is a woodchuck a protected species? My neighbor killed one.

Answer: Yes. However, the owner or occupant of any land and any family members who live with them do not need a license to shoot or trap woodchuck on the land year-round. If live-trapped, the animal must be either humanely killed or released within 24 hours on unenclosed private land with the landowner's permission. This landowner and occupant authority also applies for the following species: beaver, coyote, fox, rabbit, raccoon and squirrel.

Question 3: We received our renewal notice in the mail. We are not using our previously registered ATV. It has sat in the garage for two years. Are we still required to register it? I don't want to have to pay a late fee.

Answer: All ATVs and UTVs operated in Wisconsin are required to be registered. One option would be to register it for private use only. The cost for private registration is a one-time fee of $15 and is good for as long as you own the vehicle. If you should decide at a later date to use the ATV on lands you do not own, or on public trails or frozen waterways, you could then register the machine with the required public use registration.

Question 4: Do I have to put a license plate on my ATV or UTV if I have it registered for private/agricultural use?

Answer: Not if it is only used on lands you own or lease, or when it is being used for agricultural purposes. The license plate only applies to ATVs/UTVs that are required to be registered for public use. If you have your machine registered for both public and private use, then the license plate would need to be displayed any time it is used off your own land and not being used to transport farm implements, farm equipment, farm supplies, or products on a farm or between farms.

Last revised: Friday August 31 2012