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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

January 10, 2012

Here are answers to some of the recent most frequently asked law enforcement questions taken this week by the DNR Call Center.
The Call Center is staffed daily, 7 a.m. - 10 p.m., and offers bilingual service in Spanish and Hmong. The number is 1-888-936-7463.

Question 1: Are the snowmobile trails open in "THIS" county?

Answer: The counties manage the opening and closing of snowmobile trails. However, there is a helpful website that can be checked to view the current conditions of any trails in the state. For more details, visit: for more details

Question 2: I want to take a snowmobile education course. But, I understand I need to have a DNR Customer ID Mumber. How do I get one?

Answer: You can call in to acquire or request a customer number to take safety courses. See this website for more:

Question 3: If I have a car-kill deer in front of my house, may I take possession of it?

Answer: The person who accidently hit and killed the deer with a vehicle has first priority to claim the deer and request a free tag for it. If the driver does not report the collision or request a tag for the deer, any other person present at the scene can request a free Vehicle Killed Deer Tag for the deer. It is not legal to simply take possession and keep any untagged deer. A free tag can be requested from through the local Sheriff's Dept. or by contacting the local Conservation Warden. They may direct you to take the deer directly to a specific deer registration station which they have authorized to issue you a tag for the deer.

Question 4: What type of license and rules apply to the upcoming CWD landowner hunt?

Answer: Hunters will need to purchase the $2 landowner license if they are landowners. If they are hunting on someone else's land, they would purchase the $2 hunter permit. Rules and regulations can be found at this site:

Last revised: Friday August 31 2012