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Preparing to become a Conservation Warden

Who are we and what do we do? - You can’t begin to prepare for a career if you do not know anything about it. Get to know the Wisconsin DNR and learn what conservation wardens do before you apply. Sign up for and read about what we do in the warden wire, and find out there is no such thing as an average day in the Day in a Life of a Conservation Warden tab.


The Hiring Process

The conservation warden hiring process takes approximately 6 months. The hiring process includes an initial application and exam, fitness testing, background investigation, and a final interview. Frequently monitoring this website is one way to get the most current information about our hiring process.


The First Year of Training – What to Expect

Newly hired warden recruits have a 24 month probationary period. The first 12 months are spent in training that includes the DNR’s law enforcement academy, field training assignments, and specialized training weeks. All of this training includes a natural resources “twist” with an environmental law enforcement “angle”. Recruits are away from home the majority of their first year. After all the training is successfully completed, recruits are assigned to their first field station at the beginning of their second year.


A Day in the Life of a Warden

Every day is different - If you were to ask any warden “What is a typical day as a warden like?” you would most likely receive one of two answers; either ‘There is no such thing.’, or ‘It depends on the season’. Both are very true. The daily duties of a conservation warden change with the seasons, but even within those seasons a phone call or weather shift can drastically alter the day’s plan.



Every day, our conservation wardens go above and beyond to protect Wisconsin’s natural resources and the people who use and depend on them. We’re proud of our wardens, their accomplishments and our agency’s legacy. But what does the Conservation Warden Service do to take care of our staff?


A Diversity of Opportunities

The DNR’s Bureau of Law Enforcement has a variety of sworn law enforcement positions within its ranks. These positions offer the opportunity to gain experience, specialize and promote. Take time to explore these positions.


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