Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Lakes grants

Description: The lake grant data set represents locations where Lake Planning Grants and Lake Protection Grants have been awarded. The lakes, and sometimes counties or towns, that the grant focuses on (as opposed to the entity to which the grant was awarded) are represented in this data set.

Under the planning grant program, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources provides funding to local governments and lake management organizations for the collection and analysis of information needed to manage lakes. The program accomplishes this by encouraging local organizations to obtain information on water quality, water use, land use, fish and aquatic life and other data that considers the broad range of factors that can affect the quality of inland lakes and their ecosystems. Another goal of the program is to develop stronger state/local partnerships, leading to more effective watershed protection and lake management.

Lake Protection & Classification Grants were designed to assist lake users, lake communities and local governments as they undertake projects to protect and restore lakes and their ecosystems.

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