Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Great Lakes Projects and Grants

Implementation of Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Strategy

Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Strategy supports and implements the recommended action items of the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration in Wisconsin. The Office of the Great Lakes provides a facilitative role in project development for the restoration and protection of the Great Lakes in Wisconsin. As restoration monies become available existing partnerships such as the Lake Superior Binational Forum will play a key role in striving to achieve the goals articulated in the Strategy. Specific examples of project proposals for implementing Wisconsin’s Great Lakes Strategy can be found in the document below. This is not a comprehensive list of implementation projects and is subject to change.

This dataset represents projects and grants funded by the Great Lakes National Program Office and administered through the Wisconsin DNR’s Office of the Great Lakes. These ongoing Great Lakes Projects represent pass–through and cooperatively funded proejcts for nonprofits, local agencies, and state level work that cover the strategic areas identified in the Great Lakes Strategic Initiative. These grants do not include Great Lakes Initiative Project Grants, which are described in the Great Lakes Initiative Projects folder.

Generate a list of Completed Great Lakes Projects and a list of Active Great Lakes Projects.

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