Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Flowering Rush

Source: Wisconsin DNR Aquatic Invasive Species program

Date: Data continuously updated. Metadata last updated 2/2012

This data represents waterbodies where infestations of Flowering Rush are known to exist. This aquatic invasive plant may be growing in other waterbodies, but its presence has not been confirmed outside of the waters listed here. Flowering Rush monitoring is conducted on Wisconsin’s lakes and streams in the summer months, with the infestation data compiled in the fall. The data here is current through the 2011 monitoring season.

Flowering rush is a perennial aquatic herb that emerges each spring from winter–hardy rhizomes. Emergent leaves are stiff, narrow, sedge–like (3–edged or triangular in cross–section) and up to 3 feet above the water surface. In deep water, the plant can be entirely submerged. Submerged plants have limp leaves and do not flower. Often unnoticed among other wetland plants until it blossoms, flowering rush has a distinctive spray of umbrella shaped attractive white, pink, or purple flowers on a tall stalk. Blooming in late summer to early fall, flowers have 3 petals, 3 sepals and red anthers.

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