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Summary of SIC codes required to apply for an industrial storm water permit

This is a summary from Subchapter II of NR 216, Wis. Adm. Code. Refer to NR 216 for additional information on Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes.


This subchapter applies to discharges originating from industrial facilities belonging to categories identified in pars. (a) and (b).

(a) Tier 1 categories include all of the following

  1. Heavy manufacturers defined by their primary Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code, which represents the primary income producing activity at the facility, listed in Table 1:

    Table 1
    Heavy Manufacturers
    SIC Description
    2400-2499Lumber & Wood Products
    2600-2699Paper & Allied Products
    2800-2899Chemicals & Allied Products
    2900-2999Petroleum Refining & Related Industries
    3110-3119Leather Tanning & Finishing
    3200-3299Stone, Clay, Glass & Concrete Products
    3300-3399Primary Metal Industries
    3441Fabricated Structural Metal
    3730-3739Ship & Boat Bldg. & Repair

    Note: Facilities in SIC Codes 2434, 2650-2659, 2670-2679, 2830-2839, 2850-2859, 2951, 3230-3239, 3271-3273 are included in s. NR 216.21(2)(b).

  2. Facilities involved in the recycling of materials such as metal scrap yards, battery reclaimers, salvage yards and automobile junk yards, including those classified in SIC Codes 5015 and 5093.

  3. Facilities with bulk storage piles for coal, metallic and nonmetallic minerals and ores, and scrap not otherwise covered under this subchapter, such as those associated with freight transportation, SIC Code 4400-4499, and wholesale trade, SIC Code 5052.

(b) Tier 2 categories include all of the following

  1. Manufacturing facilities defined by Table 2, not including their access roads and rail lines:

    Table 2
    Tier 2 Light Manufacturers
    SIC Description
    2000-2099Food & Kindred Products
    2100-2199Tobacco Products
    2200-2299Textile Mill Products
    2300-2399Apparel & Other Textile Products
    2434Wood Kitchen Cabinets
    2500-2599Furniture & Fixtures
    2650-2659Paperboard Containers & Boxes
    2670-2679Misc. Converted Paper Products
    2700-2799Printing, Publishing, & Allied Industries
    2850-2859Paints & Allied Products
    3000-3099Rubber & Misc. Plastics Products
    3100-3199Leather & Leather Products
    3230-3239Products of Purchased Glass
    3400-3499Fabricated Metal Products
    3500-3599Industrial & Commercial Machinery & Computer Equipment
    3600-3699Electronic & Other Electrical Equipment &Components
    3700-3799Transportation Equipment
    3800-3899Instruments & Related Products
    3900-3999Misc. Manufacturing Industries
    4221Farm Product Warehousing & Storage
    4222Refrigerated Warehousing & Storage
    4225General Warehousing & Storage

    Note: Facilities in SIC Codes 3110-3119, 3441 and 3730-3739 are included in s. NR 216.21 (2) (a) 1.

  2. Transportation facilities defined by Table 3 that have vehicle maintenance shops, equipment cleaning operations or airport deicing operations. This subchapter only applies to those portions of these facilities that are involved in vehicle maintenance including rehabilitation, mechanical repairs, painting, fueling, lubrication and associated parking areas, involved in cleaning operations or deicing operations, or that are listed as source areas under s. NR 216.27 (3) (e):

    Table 3
    Tier 2 Transportation Facilities
    SIC Description
    4000-4099Railroad Transportation
    4100-4199Local & Interurban Passenger Transit
    4200-4299Trucking & Warehousing
    4300-4399U.S. Postal Service
    4400-4499Water Transportation
    4500-4599Transportation By Air
    5171Petroleum Bulk Stations & Terminals

    Note: Facilities in SIC Codes 4221, 4222 and 4225 are included in s. NR 216.21 (2) (b) 1.

    1. Facilities defined by Table 4, including active and inactive mining operations and oil and gas exploration, production, processing or treatment operations or transmission facilities. This subchapter only applies where storm water runoff has come into contact with any overburden, raw material, intermediate product, finished product, by-product or waste material located on the site of the operations.

      Table 4
      Tier 2 Mining, Oil and Gas Operations
      SIC Description
      1000-1099Metal Mining
      1200-1299Coal Mining
      1300-1399Oil & Gas Extraction
      1400-1499Nonmetallic Minerals, except fuels
    2. This subchapter does not apply to non-coal mining operations which have been released from applicable state or federal reclamation requirements after December 17, 1990; nor to coal mining operations released from the performance bond issued to the facility by the appropriate surface mining control and reclamation act authority under 30 USC 1201 et seq. and 16 USC 470 et seq. Production, processing or treatment operations or transmission facilities associated with oil and gas extraction are included only if there has been a discharge of storm water containing a quantity of a pollutant reportable pursuant to 40 CFR 110.64, 40 CFR 117.21 or 40 CFR 302.6, or if a storm water discharge contributed to a violation of a water quality standard.

  3. Facilities subject to storm water effluent limitation guidelines, new or existing source performance standards or toxic pollutant effluent standards under 33 USC 1251, 1311, 1314 (b) and (c), 1316(b) and (c), 1317(b) and (c), 1326(c), except those facilities classified as a Tier 1 pursuant to sub. (2) (a).

  4. Treatment works treating domestic sewage or any other sewage sludge or wastewater treatment device or system, used in the storage, treatment, recycling and reclamation of municipal or domestic sewage, including lands dedicated to the disposal of sewage sludge that are located within the confines of the facility, with a design flow of one million gallons per day or more, or required to have an approved pretreatment program. Not included are farm lands, domestic gardens or lands used for sludge management where sludge is beneficially reused and which are not physically located in the confines of the facility, or areas that are in compliance with 33 USC 1345.

  5. Hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities, including those operating under a license under s. 291.25, Stats.

  6. Landfills, land application sites and open dumps that receive or have received any industrial waste from any of the facilities identified in this section, including those subject to regulation under subtitle D of the resource conservation and recovery act, 42 USC 6901 et seq., or ch. 289, Stats.

  7. All steam electric power generating facilities, including coal handling sites but not including off-site transformer or electric substations.

  8. Facilities described in SIC code 2951 for asphalt paving mixes and block, and facilities described in SIC codes 3271, 3272 and 3273 for cement products.

  9. Facilities previously classified as Tier 1 dischargers that are subsequently classified as Tier 2 under s. NR 216.23 (3).

  10. Discharges determined by the department to be significant contributors of pollutants to waters of the state.

Last revised: Monday April 08 2013