Wisconsin storm water permits Notice of Intent to discharge*

Detailed information

Permittee: Enbridge Energy 
Site Name: Marshfield Pump Station 
Site Address: Klondike Drive 
Minor Civil Division: RICHFIELD - T 
DNR Region: WC 
County: Wood 
FIN (Facility ID): 50278 
Mailing Address: 119 North 25th St East 
  Superior, WI  54880  
Application Received: 3/14/2014 

The construction site Notices of Intent (NOIs) listed in these table(s) are those that have been received by the Department and generally have not yet been authorized permit coverage. In accordance with s. NR 216.44, Wis. Adm. Code, applicants submitting a construction site NOI to the Department are automatically granted coverage under the Storm Water Construction Site General Permit No. WI-S067831 after a 14-working day period unless the Department notifies the applicant to the contrary. The Department may ask to evaluate the applicant's erosion control and storm water management plans and can withhold permit coverage where it has concerns about water quality protection or other resource protection concerns. If you want to obtain a copy of the NOI, contact the appropriate regional storm water contact.

The Department will consider all public comments that it receives with respect to Notices of Intent. Comments should be sent to the Department’s regional storm water contact as soon as possible to have them considered prior to authorization of permit coverage within the 14-working day period.

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Last revised: Wednesday, October 10, 2012