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Research reports

Wisconsin DNR research reports are available below in Adobe PDF format.
To view a publication in your browser, click on the publication ID in the left column.
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Research publications directory

Last revised: Thursday July 19 2018
ID Title Year
PDF0597 Relations of ring-necked pheasant abundance to land cover patterns in south-central Wisconsin 2015
PDF0596 Land cover mapping and change in the glacial habitat restoration area of Wisconsin, 1990-2012 2014
PDF0595 Literature review of the effects of ultrasonic waves on cyanobacteria, aquatic organisms, and water quality 2014
PDF0594 Distribution and relative abundance of the Gilt Darter (Percina evides) in Wisconsin 2014
PDF0593 Past and potential future land cover change around Wisconsin's state forests 2012
PDF0592 Genetic identity of Wisconsin gartersnakes (Thamnophis spp.) using microsatellite genetic markers 2011
PDF0591 Wisconsin elk habitat suitability analysis 2010
PDF0590 An evaluation of the efficacy of a 14-18 inch slot limit for walleyes in northern Wisconsin 2010
PDF0589 Influence of patch size, isolation, and fire history on hopper communities 2010
PDF0588 Determining the presence of fairy shrimps (Crustacea: Anostraca) at ephemeral pond sites 2006
PDF0587 A compendium of 58 trout stream habitat development evaluations in Wisconsin, 1985-2000 2004
PDF0586 Field performance of wild and domestic Brown Trout strains in two Wisconsin rivers 2001
PDF0585 Evaluation of abundance indices for Striped Skunks, Common Raccoons and Virginia Opossums 2001
PDF0584 Walleye fry hatching, diet, growth, and abundance in Escanaba Lake, Wisconsin, 1985-1992 2000
PDF0583 The Conservation Reserve Program and duck and pheasant production in St. Croix County, Wisconsin 2000
PDF0582 Fish population dynamics in Max Lake, a softwater Wisconsin lake subject to ground-water pumping 2000
PDF0581 Evaluating a Smallmouth Bass Slot length and daily bag limit on Nebish Lake, Wisconsin 1999
PDF0580 Site specific assessment of three sets of angling regulations designed to improve stream trout fisheries 1999
PDF0579 Biological phosphorus removal potential test 1999
PDF0578 A review of walleye stocking evaluations and factors influencing stocking success 1998
PDF0577 The construction, aesthetics, and effects of lakeshore development: a literature review 1998
PDF0576 Habitat relationships of deer and ruffed grouse in central Wisconsin 1998
PDF0575 Performance of Leech Lake, Minnesota, Muskellunge in a Wisconsin Lake 1997
PDF0574 Wastewater Characterization for Evaluation of Biological Phosphorus Removal 1997
PDF0573 Growth and Movement of Shovelnose Sturgeon in the Chippewa River, Wisconsin, 1972-1979 1996
PDF0572 Survival and Growth of Stocked Muskellunge: Effects of Genetic and Environmental Factors 1996
PDF0571 Winter Weather and Pheasant Populations and Harvests in Northwestern Wisconsin 1996
PDF0570 A Survey of Rare and Endangered Mayflies of Selected Rivers of Wisconsin 1995
PDF0569 Stunted Northern Pike: A Case History of Community Manipulations and Field Transfer 1995
PDF0568 Canada Goose Populations and Harvest in St. Croix County, Wisconsin 1995
PDF0567 Effects of streambank riprapping on physical features and brown trout standing stocks in Millville Creek 1995
PDF0566 Preliminary observations on the spawning and early life history of channel catfish from the lower Wisconsin River 1995
PDF0565 A key to the eggs of Wisconsin's amphibians 1995
PDF0564 Canada goose population and harvest characteristics at the Grand River Marsh Wildlife Area, 1977-1981 1994
PDF0563 Opinions of anglers who fished muskellunge in Wisconsin, 1989 1994
PDF0562 Factors related to fish growth in northwestern Wisconsin lakes 1994
PDF0561 Effects of special harvest regulations on largemouth bass and yellow perch in Spruce Lake 1994
PDF0560 A creel survey of the lower Wisconsin River, 1990-1991 1994
PDF0559 The muskellunge fishery in nine northern Wisconsin lakes 1993
PDF0558 An evaluation of in-lake enclosures for increasing short-term survival of stocked muskellunge 1993
PDF0557 Salmonid population trends following stream-bank debrushing and beaver control on a Lake Superior tributary 1993
PDF0556 Movements of adult lake sturgeon in the Lake Winnebago system 1992
PDF0555 Impacts of in-stream sand and gravel mining on stream habitat and fish communities 1992
PDF0554 Impacts of timber cutting on breeding birds in southern Wisconsin woodlots 1992
PDF0553 Comparative growth of eight species of fish in fifty-five northwestern Wisconsin lakes 1992
PDF0552 Harvest rates of sharp-tailed grouse on managed areas in Wisconsin 1990
PDF0551 Initial evaluation of electric fencing as a predator deterrent in established dense nesting cover 1990
PDF0550 The White River trout population and sport fishery: an exploratory study, 1984-1986 1990
PDF0549 Hunters' opinions of the early northwest deer season: a comparison of northwest and non-northwest hunters 1989
PDF0548 Retrieval and analysis system used in Wisconsin's statewide fish distribution survey, second edition 1988
PDF0547 Effects of the introduction of muskellunge and walleye on bluegill and other species in Clear Lake, Sawyer County, Wisconsin, 1959-1984 1988
PDF0546 Analysis of fish trawling data from Lake Winnebago, 1962-1981 1988
PDF0545 Effects of freshwater drum removal in Lake Winnebago, 1967-1981 1988
PDF0544 Park users literature review 1987
PDF0543 Status of marten in Wisconsin, 1985 1987
PDF0542 Wisconsin turkey harvest, 1983 1987
PDF0541 Recommendations for a program of sharptail habitat preservation in Wisconsin 1987
PDF0540 Sampling design for fish contaminant monitoring program in Lake Michigan 1986
PDF0539 Habitat preference and movement of northern pike during fall and early winter in Potato Lake, Washburn County 1986
PDF0538 Food habits of the 1980 cohort of largemouth bass in Spruce Lake, 1981-1982 1986
PDF0537 A follow-up assessment of removing woody streambank vegetation along two Wisconsin trout streams 1985
PDF0536 Ruffed grouse harvest levels and population characteristics in central Wisconsin 1985
PDF0535 Results and trout management implications of a 9-month creel census on Timber Coulee Creek in 1984 1985
PDF0534 Evaluation of the 1983 Wisconsin tax checkoff for non-game and endangered resources 1985
PDF0533 Summary of survey data for smallmouth bass in Wisconsin streams, 1952-80 1985
PDF0532 Proportional stock density index - is it a useful tool for assessing fish populations in northern latitudes? 1985 1985
PDF0531 Life history of carp in the Lake Winnebago system, Wisconsin 1984
PDF0530 Walleye growth in relation to water temperature, food availability, and population density in Escanaba Lake, 1956-82 1984
PDF0529 Harvest and population status of river otter in Wiscon-sin 1984
PDF0528 An evaluation of muskellunge stocking in Murphy Flowage 1984
PDF0527 Survey of radio-marked Canada geese in the Hudson Bay lowlands of northern Ontario 1984
PDF0526 Retrieval and analysis system used in Wisconsin's statewide fish distribution survey 1984
PDF0525 Food habits of brook trout in McGee Lake, 1980-82 1984
PDF0524 Treatment of inflow as a lake management technique for phosphorus control 1982
PDF0523 Bobcat harvest and population trends in Wisconsin, 1973-81 1983
PDF0522 Changes in the harvest, mean size-at-age, length-weight relationship and condition of cisco in Pallette Lake, 1946-1980 1983
PDF0521 Effect of state land ownership on property taxes 1982
PDF0520 Effects of the combined use of two fish toxicants, antimycin-A and rotenone, on the zooplankton of a northern Wisconsin bog lake 1982
PDF0519 Population development of re-introduced smallmouth bass and yellow perch in Nebish Lake 1982
PDF0518 Attitudes toward gray partridge and their management in east central Wisconsin 1983
PDF0517 Factors affecting short-term survival of stocked muskellunge fingerlings in Wisconsin 1982
PDF0516 An evaluation of half-logs to improve brown trout habitat in Emmons Creek 1982
PDF0515 Improved angling quality following chemical treatment of Nebish Lake and re-introduction of smallmouth bass and yellow perch 1982
PDF0514 Winter food and cover plots for farm wildlife 1982
PDF0513 Hedgerow establishment and maintenance for farm wildlife 1982
PDF0512 Foods of deer in southern Wisconsin 1981
PDF0511 Review of smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieui) spawning requirements and first year survival in lakes 1981
PDF0510 Comparison of muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) populations in a stocked lake and unstocked lake in Wisconsin 1984
PDF0509 The white-tailed deer in Governor Dodge State Park 1984
PDF0508 Experimental cottontail habitat management on the Brooklyn Wildlife Area 1984
PDF0507 Status of barn owls in Wisconsin, 1979 1980
PDF0506 Factors influencing reproduction of brown trout above and below a flood water detention dam on Trout Creek, Wisconsin 1980
PDF0505 Analysis of the breeding bird survey program on Wis-consin natural and scientific areas, 1971-77 1980
PDF0504 Eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) in north central Wisconsin 1980
PDF0503 The cost and chronology of Wisconsin deer-vehicle collisions 1979
PDF0502 Establishment of native warm season grasses in Wisconsin 1979
PDF0501 Crustacean zooplankton data for 190 selected Wisconsin inland lakes 1979
PDF0500 Vascular plants of Newport State Park, Wisconsin 1979
PDF0499 Exploitation, growth, and survival of three strains of domestic brook trout 1979
PDF0498 Distribution and density of sculpins in a Wisconsin coulee stream 1978
PDF0497 Educational uses of scientific areas, 1977 1977
PDF0496 Population estimates and standing crops of fish in Nebish Lake 1978
PDF0495 Status of sharp-tailed grouse in Wisconsin, 1975 1977
PDF0494 Status of gray foxes in Wisconsin, 1975 1975
PDF0493 Gray partridge distribution and relative abundance 1977
PDF0492 Status of fishers in Wisconsin, 1975 1975
PDF0491 Cost of stocked walleyes caught by anglers in Escanaba Lake 1977
PDF0490 Status of badgers in Wisconsin, 1975 1976
PDF0489 Winter observations on the age and growth of the burbot in Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin 1976
PDF0488 A key to the identification of the cyclopoid copepods of Wisconsin, with notes on their distribution and ecology 1976
PDF0487 Status report on Wisconsin bobcats, 1975 1975
PDF0486 The sandhill crane in Wisconsin: a preliminary report 1976
PDF0485 Growth and survival of trout stocked in a northern Wisconsin spring pond 1976
PDF0484 Effect of antimycin on instream mussel populations 1975
PDF0483 An evaluation of stocking fingerling trout in a "two-story" trout lake 1975
PDF0482 The shovelnose sturgeon, Scaphirynchus platorynchus (Rafinesque), in the Red Cedar - Chippewa river system, Wisconsin 1975
PDF0481 Preliminary report on leopard frog (Rana pipiens) populations in Wisconsin 1975
PDF0480 Identification of Wisconsin tubificidae 1975
PDF0479 Notes on the zooplankton and benthos of Rush Lake, Douglas County, six years after application of antimycin 1974
PDF0478 Impact of repeated antimycin treatments on the zooplankton and benthic organisms in Bayfield County, Wisconsin 1974
PDF0477 Wisconsin's program for preservation of natural areas and other minimum-management lands 1974
PDF0476 Experimental reclamation of trout streams through chemical treatment at Westfield Creek 1974
PDF0475 Notes on the blue sucker, Cycleptus elongatus (Lesueur), in the lower Chippewa and Red Cedar rivers, Wisconsin 1974
PDF0474 Mercury content of various bottom sediments, sewage treatment plant effluents and water supplies in Wis-consin: a preliminary report 1971
PDF0473 Mercury levels in fish from selected Wisconsin waters: a preliminary report 1971
PDF0472 Private outdoor recreation businesses: horseback riding enterprises 1971
PDF0471 Panfish literature review 1971
PDF0470 Effect of habitat alteration on brown trout in McKenzie Creek, Wisconsin 1971
PDF0469 Ground water pollution from sanitary landfills and refuse dump grounds: a critical review 1971
PDF0468 Water quality and trophic condition of Lake Superior (Wisconsin waters) 1971
PDF0467 Key to genera of Wisconsin Plecoptera (stonefly) nymphs, Ephemeroptera (mayfly) nymphs, Trichoptera (caddisfly) larvae 1970
PDF0466 Observations on changes in the status of cattails at Horicon Marsh, Wisconsin 1971
PDF0465 Regulations to reduce conflicts between recreation water uses 1970
PDF0464 Private outdoor recreation businesses: boat rental enterprises 1971
PDF0463 Recommendations for a scattered wetlands program of pheasant habitat preservation in southeast Wisconsin 1970
PDF0462 Manipulation of reservoir waters for improved quality and fish population response 1970
PDF0461 Food habits of opossums in southern Wisconsin 1970
PDF0460 Private outdoor recreation businesses: camping enterprises 1970
PDF0459 The food and growth of splake 1970
PDF0458 Wild rivers fish populations (Pine, Popple and Pike rivers) 1970
PDF0457 Wisconsin's wetland soils: a review 1970
PDF0456 Food habits and growth of young-of-the-year walleyes from Escanaba Lake: preliminary report 1970
PDF0455 Private outdoor recreation businesses: their composition, operation and stability 1970
PDF0454 A compendium of research on angling regulations for brook trout conducted at Lawrence Creek, Wisconsin 1970
PDF0453 Private outdoor recreation businesses: pond fishing enterprises 1970
PDF0452 Aquatic plant survey of major lakes in the Milwaukee River watershed 1970
PDF0451 Private outdoor recreation businesses: swimming enterprises 1970
PDF0450 Private outdoor recreation businesses: picnicking enterprises 1970
PDF0449 Production of northern pike in a managed marsh, Lake Ripley, Wisconsin 1970
PDF0448 Management of pheasant nesting cover on upland sites in relation to cropland diversion programs 1970
PDF0447 Cox Hollow Lake: the first eight years of impoundment 1969
PDF0446 Comparative growth of eight species of fish in thirteen northern Wisconsin lakes 1969
PDF0445 Techniques for wetland management 1969
PDF0444 Summary of northern pike stocking investigations in Wisconsin 1969
PDF0443 Impact of an overwinter drawdown on the aquatic vegetation in Murphy Flowage, Wisconsin 1969
PDF0442 Fecal and total coliform tests in water quality evaluation 1969
PDF0441 Economic incentives and water quality management programs 1969
PDF0440 Experimental management of Spruce Lake, a small bog lake in northeastern Wisconsin 1969
PDF0439 Aquatic plant survey of major lakes in the Fox River (Illinois) watershed 1969
PDF0438 Stocking of muskellunge and walleye as a panfish control practice in Clear Lake, Sawyer County 1968
PDF0437 Survival of walleye eggs and fry of known DDT residue levels from ten Wisconsin waters in 1967 1968
PDF0436 Ruffed grouse habitat requirements and management opportunities 1968
PDF0435 A survey of open water waterfowl hunting in Wisconsin in 1967 1968
PDF0434 The control of aquatic and marginal weeds II: notes and abstracts from the 8th annual meeting of the Weed Science Society of America 1968
PDF0433 Bibliography of freshwater wetlands ecology and management 1968
PDF0432 Establishing openings programs on loamy soils in northern Wisconsin 1968
PDF0431 Effects of habitat alteration on production, standing crops, and yield of brook trout in Lawrence Creek, Wisconsin 1968
PDF0430 Impact of underwater spearfishing on a mixed warm-water fish population 1968
PDF0429 Movement and harvest of tagged northern pike released in Lake Poygan and Big Lake Butte des Morts 1968
PDF0428 Movements of adult tagged walleyes stocked in Big Lake Butte des Morts and Spoehr's Marsh, Wolf River 1967
PDF0427 A list of the fishes of Lake Winnebago 1967
PDF0426 Dispersal of stocked trout in five Wisconsin streams 1967
PDF0425 The control of aquatic and marginal weeds: notes and abstracts from the 7th annual meeting of the Weed Science Society of America 1967
PDF0424 An evaluation of Wisconsin's licensed shooting preserve program 1967
PDF0423 DDT and dieldrin residues found in Wisconsin fishes from the survey of 1966: preliminary report 1967
PDF0422 Limnological changes resulting from artificial destratification and aeration of an impoundment: progress report 1967
PDF0421 Survival of walleyes from eggs of known DDT and dieldrin residues in three southwestern Wisconsin lakes: progress report 1967
PDF0420 Winter food habits of Wisconsin foxes 1966
PDF0419 Lake Puckaway walleye 1966
PDF0418 Survival, growth and yield of stocked domesticated brown and rainbow fingerlings in Black Earth Creek 1966
PDF0417 Age-length and length-weight relationship of bullheads from Little Lake Buttes des Morts, 1959 1966
PDF0416 Progress in forest openings research 1966
PDF0415 Egg production and survival of progeny of trout reared on dry diets 1965
PDF0414 Relative effectiveness of day and night trawling in Lake Winnebago 1965
PDF0413 Dry diets for trout: successful diets to rear trout in the hatchery 1965
PDF0412 Limnology of a borrow-pit lake 1965
PDF0411 Observations on large and smallmouth bass nesting and early life history 1964
PDF0410 Evaluation of fly-fishing-only at Lawrence Creek: a three year progress report 1964
PDF0409 Studies on forest tree improvement in Wisconsin 1964
PDF0407 History of beaver in Wisconsin 1963
PDF0406 Food of walleye and sauger in Lake Winnebago 1962
PDF0405 Recommendations for weed control in forest plantations for the 1963 growing season 1962
PDF0404 Ability of anglers to identify species of trout 1962
PDF0403 Survival, yield, growth and coefficient of condition of hatchery-reared trout stocked in Wisconsin waters 1961
PDF0402 Recommendations for weed control in forest plantations for the 1961 growing season 1961
PDF0401 Preliminary report on the Lake Geneva smallmouth bass studies, 1958-1959 1960

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