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Miscellaneous publications

Wisconsin DNR miscellaneous publications are available below in Adobe PDF format.
To view a publication in your browser, click on the publication ID in the left column.
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Research publications directory

Last revised: Thursday July 19 2018
ID Title Year
PDF1177 Working List of Wisconsin Ostracods (Seed Shrimp) 2017
PDF1176 Wisconsin Freshwater Isopod Atlas 2017
PDF1175 Atlas of Wisconsin Branchiurans (Fish Lice) 2017
PDF1174 Wisconsin Amphipod Atlas 2017
PDF1173 Wisconsin Herpetology, 2011-2015 with an Addendum to Previous Compilations 2016
PDF1166 Conservation funding for fish and wildlife in Wisconsin: A 2016 general public opinion survey 2016
PDF1165 Effects of changing license structures and increasing license fees on participation and revenue: A review of the literature 2016
PDF1164 What the evidence suggests for the future of fishing and hunting license sales in Wisconsin 2016
PDF1163 Review and comparison of fishing, hunting and trapping license fee structures in upper Midwestern states 2016
PDF1152 Results of the 2014-15 Conservation Patron License holder survey 2015
PDF1149 Wisconsin invasive species program report for fiscal year 2015 2015
PDF1147 Year 1 of the Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP): Profile of enrollees and their satisfaction 2015
PDF1145 Parasites and disease-causing organisms reported from Wisconsin amphibians and reptiles 2014
PDF1144 Reducing invasive organisms in trade in the Great Lakes watersheds 2014
PDF1143 Small-scale herbicide treatments for control of invasive and aquatic plants 2014
PDF1142 Expanded beach "nowcast" modeling across Wisconsin 2014
PDF1141 Public input for Wisconsin's inland trout program 2014
PDF1137 Pseudomonas flourescens CL145A (Zequanox®) for zebra mussel control: a synopsis of peer-reviewed references 2014
PDF1136 Alumni reflections on Wisconsin’s "Hunting for sustainability" course, 2012 & 2013 2014
PDF1135 Trends in outdoor activity participation by conservation patron license holders, 1993-2012 2014
PDF1134 A peek beneath the waves: managing and protecting aquatic plants 2014
PDF1127 Wisconsin herpetology, 2001-2010 2013
PDF1126 A paleoecological study of Marathon county lakes 2013
PDF1125 A paleoecological study of Waushara county lakes 2013
PDF1123 Views of the ridge: oral perspectives from the Military Ridge Prairie Heritage Area in southwest Wisconsin 2013
PDF1122 Wisconsin's dedication to deer research 2013
PDF1121 Current scientific and standard common names of Wisconsin amphibians and reptiles 2013
PDF1120 Early season herbicide and deep harvesting treatment effects on Eurasian Watermilfoilin Turville Bay, Lake Monona, Dane county 2013
PDF1119 La Crosse area climate adaptation study 2013
PDF1118 Rapid macrophyte habitat assessment methodology 2012
PDF1116 Make the right choice about elodea 2013
PDF1115 Regulated aquatic invasive plants 2013
PDF1113 A statewide strategic plan for invasive species (appendix E) 2013
PDF1112 A statewide strategic plan for invasive species (appendix D) 2013
PDF1111 A statewide strategic plan for invasive species (appendix C) 2013
PDF1110 A statewide strategic plan for invasive species (appendix B) 2013
PDF1109 A statewide strategic plan for invasive species (appendix A) 2013
PDF1108 A statewide strategic plan for invasive species (executive summary) 2013
PDF1107 A statewide strategic plan for invasive species 2013
PDF1106 Landowners' willingness to adopt practices and participate in programs to sequester carbon 2012
PDF1105 Enhancing the Wisconsin beach health website to facilitate water-quality nowcasts 2012
PDF1104 Beach water-quality nowcast model case study: Harrington Beach State Park-north 2012
PDF1103 Beach water-quality nowcast model case study: Harrington Beach State Park-south 2012
PDF1102 Beach water-quality nowcast model case study: Upper Lake Park Beach 2012
PDF1101 Beach water-quality nowcast model case study: Zoo Beach 2012
PDF1100 Beach water-quality nowcast model case study: North Beach 2012
PDF1098 Building operational nowcast models for predicting water quality at five Lake Michigan beaches 2012
PDF1096 Evaluation of the Bad River wetlands, rivers, and streams 2012
PDF1095 Invasive aquatic plants & their other names 2012
PDF1094 Invasive species rule: Chapter NR 40 species lists and resources for pet & aquarium stores 2012
PDF1093 Paleoecological study of Dunes Lake, Door county, and water quality assessment of 3 nearby streams 2011
PDF1092 Invasive species rule: Chapter NR 40 plant list & resources for right-of-way managers 2012
PDF1091 Evaluation of limit of detection (LOD) capability for the analysis of total phosphorus 2011
PDF1089 Current scientific and standard common names of Wisconsin mammals 2011
PDF1088 Paleoecological study of Shell Lake, Washburn county 2011
PDF1087 Paleoecological study of Bear Trap Slough, Ashland county 2011
PDF1086 Development of a tool for predicting and reducing bacterial contamination at Great Lakes beaches 2011
PDF1085 Paleoecological study of Honest John Lake, Ashland county 2011
PDF1084 Evaluation of the Bad River wetlands - 2006 2011
PDF1083 A web-based decision-support system for watershed management 2010
PDF1080 Midwest spatial decision-support systems partnership 2011
[ 46MB ]
The gamekeepers: Wisconsin wildlife conservation from WCD to CWD
Parts: I-XIX | Ch. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | Appendix
PDF1078 Australian swamp stonecrop (crassula helmsii) technical review 2011
PDF1077 Large-scale herbicide treatment research in Wisconsin 2011
PDF1075 Paleolimnological study of Tainter Lake, Dunn county 2010
PDF1074 Eurasian watermilfoil research facts 2010
PDF1072 Mammals of pheasant branch conservancy 2010
PDF1071 Predictive models for microbial water quality: a selection of useful references 2010
PDF1069 Paleoecological study of Lake Chetac, Sawyer county 2010
PDF1068 Recommended baseline monitoring of aquatic plants in Wisconsin 2010
PDF1067 Beach pathogen forecasting tools: pilot testing, outreach, and technical assistance 2009
PDF1065 Sediment core study of Little Rock Lake, Benton county, Minnesota 2009
PDF1064 Public awareness of, participation in and opinions about fishing tournaments in Wisconsin 2009
PDF1063 Accessing online data for building and evaluating real-time models to predict beach water quality 2009
PDF1062 Paleoecological study of Lake Ripley, Jefferson county 2009
PDF1059 Internet and GIS tools for environmental management 2009
PDF1058 Paleoecological study of Berry Lake, Oconto county 2009
PDF1054 Water chestnut (trapa natans): a technical review of distribution, ecology, impacts, and management 2009
PDF1053 Water spangles (salvinia minima): a technical review of distribution, ecology, impacts, and management 2009
PDF1052 Curly-leaf pondweed (potamogeton crispus): a technical review of distribution, ecology, impacts, and management 2009
PDF1051 Yellow floating heart (nymphoides peltata): a technical review of distribution, ecology, impacts, and management 2009
PDF1050 African elodea (lagarosiphon major): a technical review of distribution, ecology, impacts, and management 2009
PDF1049 East indian hygrophila (hygrophila polysperma): a technical review of distribution, ecology, impacts, and management 2009
PDF1048 European frog-bit (hydrocharis morsus-ranae): a technical review of distribution, ecology, impacts, and management 2009
PDF1047 Carolina fanwort (cabomba caroliniana): a technical review of distribution, ecology, impacts, and management 2009
PDF1046 The restoration of Silver Lake, Manitowoc county 2009
PDF1045 The crayfish worms of Wisconsin 2009
PDF1044 Implementation and interpretation of lakes assessment data for the upper Midwest 2008
PDF1042 Paleoecological study of Grindstone Lake, Sawyer county 2008
PDF1041 An introduced flatworm in Wisconsin and its potential impacts 2008
PDF1040 Catalog of North American state and regional freshwater sponge references 2008
PDF1039 Paleoecological study of Bullhead Lake, Manitowoc county 2008
PDF1038 Western Lake Michigan nearshore survey of water chemistry and cladophora distribution 2008
PDF1037 Paleoecological study of Rusk county lakes 2008
PDF1034 Paleoecological study of Big Round Lake, Polk county 2007
PDF1033 Help us find Wisconsin’s freshwater sponges 2007
PDF1032 Sand country memories: oral perspectives of Wisconsin’s northwest pine barrens 2008
PDF1031 Evaluation of the Bad River streams - 2006 2007
PDF1030 Evaluation of the Bad River wetlands - 2004 & 2005 2007
PDF1029 Paleoecological study of Lake Arbutus, Clark/Jackson Counties 2007
PDF1028 Paleoecological Study of Whitefish Lake, Douglas county 2006
PDF1026 Inventory of Chippewa county lakes in the Chippewa County Forest, Wisconsin 2006
PDF1023 Use of plants and diotoms for nutrient assessment in north temperate depressional wetlands 2006
PDF1022 Landowner response to chronic wasting disease and its management 2006
PDF1020 Paleoecological study of Butternut Lake, Price/Ashland counties 2006
PDF1019 Evaluation of the Bad River wetlands - 2003 2006
PDF1017 Field testing the Wisconsin depressional wetland microinvertebrate and plant indicies 2005
PDF1015 Campers and northern state forests: focus group results 2005
PDF1014 Assessment of water quality in Lake Owen, Bayfield county Wisconsin by the use of fossil diatoms 2005
PDF1013 Paleoecological study of Mercer and Grand Portage Lakes, Iron county, Wisconsin 2005
PDF1012 Butterflies of Pheasant Branch Conservancy 2005
PDF1011 Paleoecological study of Round Lake, Sawyer county 2005
PDF1010 Wisconsin citizen lake monitoring training manual (secchi disc procedures) 2009
PDF1009 Wisconsin citizen lake monitoring training manual (chemistry procedures) 2009
PDF1008 Guide to the grasshoppers of Wisconsin 2005
PDF1007 Forestry law enforcement in Wisconsin: focus group findings 2005
PDF1006 Effects of pier shading on littoral zone habitat and communities 2005
PDF1001 Using computer tools to make maps you need 2005
PDF1000 Using computer tools to find the information you need 2005
PDF0995 Construction permitting in Wisconsin focus group findings 2004
PDF0993 Paleoecological study of Nagawicka Lake, Waukesha county 2004
PDF0992 Using Landsat 7 imagery to map invasive reed canary grass (phalaris arundinacea) 2004
PDF0991 Birds of Pheasant Branch Conservancy 2004
PDF0990 Evaluation of the Bad River wetlands using the Diatom Community - 2002 2003
PDF0989 Wetland Restoration Handbook for Wisconsin Land Owners, 2nd Edition 2010
PDF0988 Water supply system information and maps in community comprehensive plans 2003
PDF0986 Development of a floristic quality assessment methodology for Wisconsin 2003
PDF0984 Paleoecological study of Big Cedar Lake, Washington county 2003
PDF0983 2002 W.P.D.E.S. permit satisfaction survey 2003
PDF0982 Chronic wasting disease in Wisconsin and the 2002 hunting season 2003
PDF0981 See Cella Chow! A purple loosestrife biological control manual for educators
Activity: | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15
PDF0980 Environmental impact statement on rules to eradicate chronic wasting disease from Wisconson’s free-ranging white-tailed deer herd 2003
PDF0979 A sound land use vision and natural resources planning 2003
PDF0978 2002 air operating permit satisfaction survey 2002
PDF0976 Public response to a proposed gypsy moth management control program 2002
PDF0973 Wisconsin household trash disposal and recycling, 1990-2002 2002
PDF0972 Agriculture and land use 2002
PDF0971 Where do you stand on trapping? 2002
PDF0968 Refinement and expansion of wetland biological indicies for Wisconsin 2003
PDF0966 What Green Lake's sediments tell us about its history 2002
PDF0965 Macroinvertibrate data interpretation guidance manual 2003
PDF0964 Planning for natural resources: a guide to including natural resources in local comprehensive planning 2002
PDF0963 The effectiveness of the partial drawdown On Fox Lake, Dodge county, Wisconsin 2002
PDF0961 Guidelines for wetland compensatory mitigation in Wisconsin 2002
PDF0960 Catalog of state and provincial mammal publications for the United States and Canada, 1980-1999 2001
PDF0959 Riding all-terrain vehicles in Wisconsin: results of a 1999-2000 survey of ATV riders 2002
PDF0958 A guide to the reference sample requirements of the Wisconsin laboratory certification program 2001
PDF0957 Endangered and threatened species listing criteria 2001
PDF0956 Land-use lingo: a glossary of land-use terms 2001
PDF0954 Checklists of Wisconsin vertebrates 2001

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Research publications directory

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