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Research management findings

Wisconsin DNR research management findings are available below in Adobe PDF format.
To view a publication in your browser, click on the publication ID in the left column.
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Research publications directory

Last revised: Thursday July 19 2018
ID Title Year
PDF0762 DNR employees and Wisconsin’s hunter education program 2010
PDF0761 Firewood use in Wisconsin state parks and forests 2009
PDF0760 Comparing the use of STATSGO and SSURGO soils data in water quality modeling: a literature review 2008
PDF0759 Pseudoscorpion records from Wisconsin 2007
PDF0758 Using web conferencing to teach about internet mapping and related technologies 2006
PDF0757 Accommodating objectors to aerial spraying: trends and issues related to gypsy moth suppression 2006
PDF0756 Buffer width and continuity for preserving stream health in agricultural landscapes 2005
PDF0755 Aquatic and terrestrial flatworm (platyhelminthes,turbellaria) and ribbon worm (nemertea) records 2005
PDF0754 From hunting to rock climbing: adult participation in selected outdoor activities, 1992-2002 2005
PDF0753 Freshwater bryozoan records from Wisconsin 2004
PDF0752 Getting bird conservation education into Wisconsin schools: interviews with teachers 2004
PDF0751 Gypsy moth suppression program: county and local government responses to management initiatives 2004
PDF0750 The gypsy moth and tolerance of moth larvae, tree defoliation, and tree mortality: public response 2003
PDF0749 The gypsy moth and forest management issues: public response to proposed gypsy moth management 2003
PDF0748 The gypsy moth and methods of control: public response to proposed gypsy moth management 2003
PDF0747 The definition and mapping of environmental corridors by three regional planning commissions 2003
PDF0746 Teacher interest in teaching about hunting, fishing, and trapping: a summary of in-depth discussions 2002
PDF0745 Short duration grazing and duck nesting: a case history 2000
PDF0744 Overwinter food plots for pheasants 2000
PDF0743 Home range characteristics of eastern wild turkey gobblers in Wisconsin’s driftless region 2000
PDF0742 The impact of Project WILD on fourth grade students 1998
PDF0741 Deer habitat relationships in central Wisconsin 1997
PDF0740 A review of walleye stocking evaluations and factors influencing stocking success 1998
PDF0739 Waterfowl use of nesting structures in northwest Wisconsin 1996
PDF0738 Phosphorus loadings from Wisconsin watersheds: recommended phosphorus export coefficients 1995
PDF0737 Food habits of wild turkeys in southwestern Wisconsin 1994
PDF0736 Use of federal waterfowl production area wetlands for rearing walleyes: impacts on macroinvertebrates 1993
PDF0735 Trophic state index equations and regional predictive equations for Wisconsin lakes 1993
PDF0734 The rise and fall of Milltown's Rice Lake 1992
PDF0733 Estimates of lead, cadmium, and PCB loading to the lower Fox River and lower Green Bay 1992
PDF0732 A comparison of two rake sampling techniques for sampling aquatic macrophytes 1992
PDF0731 Impact of Beaver Dam removal on brook trout populations 1991
PDF0730 Impact of Beaver Dam removal on summer water temperatures 1991
PDF0729 An analysis of the 1990 experimental early September hunt to manage giant Canada geese 1991
PDF0728 Evaluation of Insitu chambers to measure sediment oxygen demand 1991
PDF0727 Investigation of two large scale subsurface soil absorption systems for wastewater treatment 1990
PDF0726 The history and status of Wisconsin’s resident Canada goose populations 1990
PDF0725 Wisconsin's wildlife constituency study: who are the nonconsumptive wildlife users of Wisconsin? 1989
PDF0724 Stocking pheasants in northwestern Wisconsin 1989
PDF0723 History and status of Wisconsin’s fisher population 1989
PDF0722 The abundance of aquatic macrophytes in the Yahara Lakes 1989
PDF0721 Experimental northern red oak regeneration in northeast Wisconsin 1989
PDF0720 Reintroduction of wild turkeys to the Kettle Moraine State Forest 1989
PDF0719 Factors affecting teacher use of Project WILD 1989
PDF0718 Angler use of northern pike in northwest Wisconsin 1988
PDF0717 Trends in summer phosphorus, chlorophyll, and water clarity in the Yahara Lakes, 1976-1988 1988
PDF0716 The 1987 Wisconsin camper survey: results and recommendations 1988
PDF0715 The Shallow Lakes Initiative: restoring aquatic habitat in Wisconsin 1988
PDF0714 Trout fishing in Milwaukee: the urban angling program 1988
PDF0713 Timber wolf recovery in Wisconsin: the attitudes of northern Wisconsin farmers and landowners 1988
PDF0712 Chloride and sodium trends in the Yahara Lakes 1988
PDF0711 Phosphorus trends in the Yahara Lakes since the mid-1960s 1988
PDF0710 Trends in Wisconsin's spring duck surveys 1988
PDF0709 Fall use of rotenone at low concentrations to eradicate fish populations 1988
PDF0708 Who uses our parks: results of the 1986 recreation survey 1987
PDF0707 Use of mini-mesh gill nets for forage fish evaluations 1987
PDF0706 Perennial legumes as food for wintering bobwhite quail 1987
PDF0705 Use of herbicides to control woody nuisance plants on public lands 1987
PDF0704 Status and control of purple loosestrife in Wisconsin 1987
PDF0703 Establishing native wetland plants as nesting cover on organic soils 1987
PDF0702 Concepts in lake management: restructuring littoral zones 1987
PDF0701 Duck production: the Wisconsin picture 1987

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Research publications directory

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