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Research publications
Comprehensive archive of our publications from 1950 to today
Former projects
More than 350 research projects have been completed since 1929
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For information on fisheries research in the Office of Applied Science, contact:
Dreux Watermolen
Section chief
Analysis Services

Research publications

Science professionals working in the Bureau of Science Services routinely publish the results of their work in peer-reviewed journals and books produced by scientific societies and other publishers. They also make their findings available through internal reports, handbooks, brochures, fact sheets and newsletter articles. Science Services publishes four formal research publication series to help communicate the results of the program’s research to natural resource managers, agency administrators, affected stakeholders and the scientific community at large.

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Research reports

The Research Report series presents results of short-term, focused research efforts. Manuscripts tend to be narrower in scope (e.g., site-specific, regulation-specific) than those published as Technical Bulletins. Research Reports can document the evaluation of a specific management method, present a topic-specific literature review or annotated bibliography, or serve as interim reports for larger, long-term studies. Manuscripts are subject to peer-review. Results published in Research Reports have implications for local/state policy or management and are primarily of interest to a state/regional readership.

Technical bulletins

Monographs published in the Technical Bulletin series generally report the results of complex, multidisciplinary, or long-term research studies (typically, results of a complete study or complete portion of a larger study). Technical Bulletins may report new methods, or refinements or novel uses of methods developed previously. They may provide a “state of the science” report or a comprehensive literature review. Manuscripts are subject to peer-review. Results published in Technical Bulletins may have implications for changes in policy or management and may be relevant to a national/international readership.

Research management findings

The Research/Management Findings accommodate shorter manuscripts and rapid technology transfer. The series includes interim or preliminary reports. Manuscripts published as Research/Management Findings need not result from a formal research study (e.g., can report on status or distribution of a species, results of a monitoring or management effort, etc.). Manuscripts are reviewed internally. The results reported are primarily of interest to a state/regional readership.

Miscellaneous publications

Miscellaneous Publications include informational and reference works such as checklists, handbooks and field guides for managers, guidelines or best management practices for regulated entities, educational publications for teachers and students, and fact sheets and brochures for the public and media. This series also includes technical reports published to meet grant requirements.

Last revised: Monday April 29 2019