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Completed plans
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Plan reports
monitoring goals and objectives.
Feasibility studies
studying new properties.
Public lands
parks, forests, wildlife, fisheries, natural areas, trails, wild rivers and flowages.
Contact information
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Diane Brusoe
Bureau of Facilities & Lands

Property Master Plans Completed plans

Master plans establish the level and type of public uses permitted, details the authorized resource management and the facility development, and acts as a blueprint for the property, providing for consistent, long-term management, regardless of personnel changes.

Plan amendments and variances are considered part of an approved plan. Plan amendments and variances authorize changes to the originally approved plan, add clarity and/or include elements not originally addressed in the plan.

Note: FA, WM, NR, SNA = Fisheries Area; Wildlife Management Area; Natural Resources Area (conservation management); State Natural Area

State Parks

State Park Master Plans Appendices/maps
Amnicon Falls State Park [PDF], approved Nov. 1975  
Aztalan State Park [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-693 2003
Big Bay State Park [PDF], approved Nov. 1979  
Big Foot Beach State Park [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-253 1995
Blue Mound State Park [PDF], approved August 1984  
Brunet Island State Park [PDF], approved March 1986  
Buckhorn State Park [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-652 2007
Copper Culture State Park [PDF], approved May 1975  
Copper Falls State Park [PDF], prepared Oct. 1975  
Council Grounds State Park [PDF] approved Aug. 1979  
Cross Plains State Park (Ice Age Complex) [PDF], approved Jan. 2013  
Devil's Lake State Park [PDF], approved Feb. 1982  
Governor Dodge State Park [PDF] approved Nov. 1984  
Governor Nelson State Park [PDF], Environmental Impact Statement, 1975  
Governor Thompson State Park [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-690 2004
Harrington Beach State Park [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-698 2004
Hartman Creek State Park [PDF], approved March 1984  
Heritage Hill State Park [PDF], approved April 1982  
High Cliff State Park [PDF], approved Oct. 2013
Interstate Park [PDF], approved May 1979  
Kinnickinnic State Park [PDF], approved June 1980  
Kohler-Andrae State Park [PDF], approved April 1989  
Lake Kegonsa State Park [PDF], approved Feb. 1984  
Lake Wissota State Park [PDF], approved May 1986  
Lakeshore State Park [PDF], approved Oct. 2000  
Lucius Woods State Park [PDF], approved July 1977  
Merrick State Park [PDF], approved March 1986  
Mill Bluff State Park [PDF], approved Oct. 1979  
Mirror Lake State Park and Dell Creek State Wildlife Area [PDF],
DNR PUB-PR-692 2003
National Scientific Ice Age Reserve State Park [PDF], approved May 1974  
Natural Bridge State Park [PDF], approved June 1975  
Nelson Dewey State Park [PDF], approved May 1980  
New Glarus Woods State Park [PDF], approved April 1980  
Newport State Park [PDF], approved Jan. 1975  
Pattison State Park [PDF], approved July 1984  
Peninsula State Park [PDF], approved Jan. 1981  
Perrot State Park [PDF], approved June 1988  
Potawatomi State Park [PDF], approved May 1987  
Rib Mountain State Park [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-665 2005
Roche-a-Cri State Park [PDF], approved May 1983  
Rock Island State Park [PDF], approved July 1965  
Straight Lake State Park [PDF],
DNR PUB-PR-839 2010
Statewide Conifer Variance
Big Foot Beach, Blue Mound, Cooper Falls, Devil's Lake, Governor Dodge, Kinnickinnic, Mill Bluff, and Pattison state parks; Havenwoods State Forest; Bearskin State Trail; and Browntown-Cadiz Spring State Recreational Area.
Tower Hill State Park [PDF], approved August 2016  

Whitefish Dunes State Park [PDF], approved Dec. 1977

Wildcat Mountain State Park [PDF], approved Oct. 1984  
Willow River State Park [PDF], approved Dec. 1984  
Wyalusing State Park [PDF], approved Jan. 1985  
Yellowstone Lake State Park [PDF], approved Nov. 1981  


State Trail Master Plans Appendices/maps
400 State Trail [PDF], approved July 1990  
Ahnapee State Trail [PDF], approved March 1975  
Badger State Trail [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-667 2006
Bearskin State Trail [PDF], approved July 1974  
Buffalo River State Trail [PDF], approved Feb. 1978  
Cattail State Trail [PDF] , approved Sept. 1999  
Chippewa River State Trail [PDF], approved Sept. 1996  
Elroy-Sparta State Trail [PDF], Trail Guidelines  
Gandy Dancer State Trail - Burnett County [PDF], amended 2015
Gandy Dancer State Trail - Douglas County [PDF], approved 1990
Gandy Dancer State Trail - Polk County [PDF], amended 2016
Glacial Drumlin State Trail[PDF], approved Feb. 1987  
Great River State Trail [PDF], approved May 1986  
Great Sauk State Trail [PDF], Cooperative Plan, April 2015
Hank Aaron State Trail [PDF], approved Oct. 1996
Hillsboro State Trail [PDF], Memorandum of Understanding March 1988, amended March 1994  
La Crosse River State Trail [PDF] approved April 1982  
Military Ridge State Trail [PDF], approved Aug. 1983  
Mountain-Bay State Trail [PDF], approved May 1998  
Nicolet State Trail [PDF], approved Sept. 1999  
Old Abe State Trail [PDF], approved Sept. 1996  
Pecatonica State Trail[PDF], approved Dec. 1978  
Red Cedar State Trail [PDF], approved Sept. 1996  
Saunders State Trail [PDF], approved June 1993  
Sugar River State Trail [PDF], approved May 1975  
Stower Seven Lakes State Trail [PDF], Oct. 2004  
Tomorrow River State Trail [PDF], approved Dec. 1997  
Tuscobia State Trail [PDF], approved Nov. 1984, Amended 1987  
White River State Trail [PDF], approved Sept. 1999  
Wild Goose State Trail [PDF], approved June 1989  
Wild Rivers State Trail [PDF], approved May 1998  
Wiouwash State Trail [PDF], approved Feb. 1995  
Wolf River State Trail (Langlade County) [PDF], approved Aug. 2006  
Ice Age National Scenic Trail Plans Appendices/maps
Ice Age National Scenic Trail [PDF], Sept. 1983  
Ice Age Complex at Cross Plains [PDF], approved Jan. 2013  
Bohn Lake State Ice Age Trail Area [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-835 2008
Langlade County Ice Age Trail Corridor Plan and Environmental Assessment [NPS, exit DNR]  
Marathon County Ice Age Trail Corridor Plan and Environmental Assessment [NPS, exit DNR]  
Waushara County Corridor Plan (2007) [NPS, exit DNR]  
Waupaca and Portage Counties Trailway Plan (1997) [exit DNR]  
Lake Michigan (Kewaunee, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan counties) Ice Age Trail Corridor [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-811 2006
North Country National Scenic Trail Appendices/maps
North Country National Scenic Trail (1982) [PDF]
Lake Michigan Water Trail Appendices/maps
Lake Michigan Water Trail [PDF] 2011

Recreation Areas

State Recreation Area Master Plans Appendices/maps
Cadiz Springs State Recreation Area [PDF], approved Nov. 1980  
Capital Springs State Recreation Area [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-819 2010
Chippewa Moraine State Recreation Area [PDF], approved October 2017
  1. Map A: Regional Locator [PDF]
  2. Map B-1: DNR and Other Lands [PDF]
  3. Map B-2A: Existing Recreation Infrastructure [PDF]
  4. Map B-2B: Planned Recreation Infrastructure [PDF]
  5. Map B-2C: Existing Road Infrastructure [PDF]
  6. Map B -2D: Planned Road Infrastructure [PDF]
  7. Map B -3: Existing Land Cover [PDF]
  8. Map B-4: Planned Land Cover [PDF]
  9. Map B-5A: Land Management Classifications [PDF]
  10. Map B-5B: Grassland Management [PDF]
  11. Map C: Ice Age National Scientific Reserve Locations [PDF]
  12. Map D: Sybaquay Camp Buildings [PDF]
Fischer Creek State Recreation Area [PDF], Feasibility Study, approved Oct. 1991  
Hoffman Hills State Recreation Area [PDF], approved March 1982  
Menominee River State Recreation Area Management Plan [PDF]  
Richard Bong State Recreation Area [PDF], approved June 1979  

S Forests

Southern Forest Master Plans Appendices/maps
Havenwoods State Forest [PDF]
approved Sept. 1981
Kettle Moraine State Forest - Lapham Peak Unit [PDF]
approved Feb. 1989
Kettle Moraine State Forest - Loew Lake Unit [PDF]
approved Oct. 1996
Kettle Moraine State Forest: Mukwonago River Unit [PDF]
approved Aug. 2018
Kettle Moraine State Forest - Northern Unit [PDF]
approved Sept. 1991
Kettle Moraine State Forest - Pike Lake Unit [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-847 2009
Kettle Moraine State Forest - Southern Unit [PDF], approved Sept. 1991  
Point Beach State Forest [PDF]
DNR PUB-PR-855 2012
Forestry Exploration Center

N Forests

Northern Forests Master Plans Appendices/maps
Black River [PDF]
DNR PUB FR 442, 2010
Brule River State Forest [PDF]
DNR PUB FR 225, 2017
Coulee Experimental [PDF]
DNR PUB FR 445, 2009
Flambeau River [PDF]
DNR PUB FR 462, 2010
Governor Knowles [PDF]
DNR PUB FR 485, 2012
Northern Highland - American Legion State Forest, approved 2005 [PDF]
DNR PUB-FR-0341A 2005

Peshtigo River [PDF]
DNR PUB FR 404, 2007


Fishery, Wildlife and Natural Resource Areas Master Plans Appendices/maps
Albany Wildlife Area (1982) [PDF] 
Augusta Wildlife Area (1979) [PDF] 
Avon Bottoms Wildlife Area (1986) [PDF] 
Bear Creek Fishery Area (1988) [PDF] 
Beaver Brook Wildlife Area (1986) [PDF] 
Behning Creek Fishery Area (1986) [PDF] 
Benson Creek Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Beverly Lake Fishery Area (1986) [PDF] 
Big Creek Fishery Area (1982) [PDF] 
Big Roche-a-Cri Fishery Area (1980) [PDF] 
Black Earth Creek Fishery Area (1982) [PDF] 
Brillion Wildlife Area (1979) [PDF] 
Brooklyn Wildlife Area (1984) [PDF] 
Buena Vista Wildlife Area (1982) [PDF] 
C. D. Besadny Fish and Wildlife Area (formerly Kewaunee F&WA) (1978) [PDF] 
Caves Creek Fishery Area (1987) [PDF] 
Cherokee Marsh Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Chippewa Flowage Joint Agency Management Plan [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-028 2001
Clam River Fishery Area (1979) [PDF] 
Colburn Wildlife Area (1980) [PDF] 
Collins Marsh Wildlife Area (1986) [PDF] 
Columbia County Planning Group Master Plan [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-066 2013 Amendment 2015: Mud Lake Wildlife Area Shooting Range [PDF]
Coon Creek Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Duncan Creek Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Eagle Lake Fishery Area (1979) [PDF] 
Elk Creek Fishery Area (1980) [PDF] 
Emmons Creek Fishery Area (1981) [PDF] 
Engle Creek Fishery Area (1983) [PDF] 
Evergreen River Fishery Area (1982) [PDF] 
Gardner Swamp Wildlife Area (1980) [PDF] 
George Mead Wildlife Area (1979) [PDF] 
Germania Marsh Wildlife Area (1984) [PDF] 
Glacial Heritage Area Plan [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-050 2011
Glacial Lake Grantsburg Properties [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-087 2016
Grand River Marsh Wildlife Area (1981) [PDF] 
Green Bay Planning Group [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-075 2014

Name change of Little Tail Unit to Bayside Road Unit approved by the Natural Resources Board, May, 2016.

Greenwood Wildlife Area (1980) [PDF] 
Hay Creek Fishery Area (1981) [PDF] 
Horicon-Shaw Planning Group (2017) [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-096 2017
Hulbert Creek Fishery Area (1979) [PDF] 
Joel Marsh Wildlife Area (1983) [PDF] 
John A Lawton Fishery Area (1986) [PDF] 
Killsnake Wildlife Area (1981) [PDF] 
Kinnickinnic River Fishery Area (1982) [PDF] 
LaBudde Creek Fishery Area (1981) [PDF] 
LaCrosse Comprehensive Fishery Area (1991) [PDF] 
Lake Noquebay Wildlife Area (1981) [PDF] 
Leola Marsh Wildlife Area (1982) [PDF] 
Little Plover River Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Little Wolf River System Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Loon Lake Wildlife Area (1986) [PDF] 
Lower Chippewa River Properties [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-052 2010
Lower Wisconsin State Riverway [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-093 2016
Lower Wolf River Bottomlands Natural Resources Area [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-062 2012
McKenzie Creek Wildlife Area (1981) [PDF] 
Mecan River Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Mirror Lake State Park and Dell Creek State Wildlife Area [PDF],
DNR PUB-PR-693 2003
Mount Vernon Creek Fishery Area (1982) [PDF] 
Neenah Creek Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Nevin Springs Fish and Wildlife Area [PDF]
Dec. 2000
North Branch Beaver Creek Fishery Area (1980) [PDF] 
North Branch Milwaukee River Feasibility Study [PDF]
March 2003
Northern Kettle Moraine Region Wildlife, Fish and Natural Areas Master Plan and Environmental Analysis [PDF]
DNR PUB LF068 2016
Northwest Barrens Properties [PDF]
(Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area, Douglas County Wildlife Area, Totogatic Wild River)
DNR PUB LF-095 2017
Pershing Wildlife Area (1979) [PDF] 
Peshtigo Brook Wildlife Area (1981) [PDF] 
Peters Marsh Wildlife Area (1979) [PDF]  
Pierce County Islands Wildlife Area (2018) [PDF] 
Pike Wild Rivers Master Plan [PDF]
May 1989
Pine River System Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Pine-Popple Wild Rivers Master Plan [PDF]
Jan. 1981
Powell Marsh Wildlife Area (2016) [PDF]
Poygan Wildlife Area (1981) [PDF] 
Radley Creek Fishery Area (1985) [PDF] 
Sandhill-Meadow Valley Work Unit [PDF]
PUB LF-058 (2011)
Sheboygan Marsh Wildlife Area (1984) [PDF]
Sheboygan County Marsh Management Plan Update (2013) [PDF exit DNR]
South Branch Oconto River Fishery Area (1982) [PDF] 
Southern Region Property Group [PDF]
Southwest Wisconsin Grassland & Stream Conservation Area Feasibility Study, Master Plan, and Environmental Impact Statement [PDF]
May 2010
Straight Lake State Park and Wildlife Area [PDF],
DNR PUB-PR-839-2010
Sugar River Planning Group Master Plan and Environmental Assessment And Footville Public Hunting Grounds Feasibility Study [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-083 2016
Tank Creek Fishery Area (1986) [PDF] 
Ten Mile Creek Wildlife Area (1982) [PDF] 
Theresa Wildlife Area (1985) [PDF] 
Thunder Lake Wildlife Area (1980) [PDF] 
Totogatic Lake Wildlife Area (1980) [PDF] 
Town Corner Wildlife Area (1985) [PDF] 
Totogatic Wildlife Area (2018) [PDF] All Maps [PDF]
Trempealeau Lakes Fishery Area (1984) [PDF] 
Turtle-Flambeau Scenic Waters Area Master Plan and Environmental Assessment [PDF]
March 1995
Upper Wolf River Fishery Area (1979) [PDF]
Van Loon Bottoms Wildlife Area (1981) [PDF] 
White River Marsh Wildlife Area (1987) [PDF] 
Whitman Dam Wildlife Area (1981) [PDF] 
White River Property Group
(Ashland and Bayfield Counties) [PDF]

DNR PUB-LF-072 2013
White River System Fishery Area - Waushara County (1986) [PDF] 
Willow Creek System Fishery Area - Waushara (1983) [PDF] 
Willow Flowage Scenic Waters Area [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-033 2016
Woodboro Lakes Wildlife Area [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-088 October 2015
Yellow River Fishery Area (1980) [PDF] 
Yellowstone Lake Wildlife Area (1997) [PDF] 


State Natural Areas Master Plans Appendices/maps
Baileys Harbor Boreal Forest and Wetlands State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Battle Bluff Prairie State Natural Area (2016) [PDF] 
Big and Little Marsh State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Cady's Marsh State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Cassville Bluffs State Natural Area (2016) [PDF] 
Cave Point-Clay Banks (Shivering Sands Unit) State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Coffey Swamp State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Columbia County Planning Group Master Plan [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-066 2013
Dells of the Wisconsin River State Natural Area [PDF], approved Jan. 1997
Gasner Hollow Prairie State Natural Area (2016) [PDF] 
Hardscrabble Prairie State Natural Area (2016) [PDF] 
Limery Ridge Savanna State Natural Area (2016) [PDF] 
Lost Lake State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Lower Chippewa River Properties [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-052 2010
Lower Narrows State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Lulu Lake State Natural Area (2018) [PDF] 
Maiden Rock Bluff State Natural Area (2016) [PDF] 
McGilvra Woods State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Moonlight Bay Bedrock Beach State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Morgan Coulee Prairie State Natural Area (2016) [PDF] 
Myklebust Lake State Natural Area (1982) [PDF] 
Northern Kettle Moraine Region Wildlife, Fish and Natural Areas Master Plan and Environmental Analysis [PDF]
DNR PUB LF068 2016
Pewits Nest State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Red Banks Alvar State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Romance Prairie State Natural Area (2016) [PDF] 
Sugar River Planning Group Master Plan and Environmental Assessment And Footville Public Hunting Grounds Feasibility Study [PDF]
DNR PUB-LF-083 2016
Thorp Pond State Natural Area (2017) [PDF] 
Trenton Bluff Prairie State Natural Area (2016) [PDF] 
White River Property Group
(Ashland and Bayfield Counties) [PDF]

DNR PUB-LF-072 2013
Last revised: Tuesday November 26 2019