Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Wisconsin hunting incident summary - Year 2018

Last revised: Thursday February 08 2018
# Date/Time Location Injury Description Fatal Self Inflicted (SI) or Same Party (SP) Shooter Age / Sex / Hunter Safety Certified Victim Age / Sex / Hunter Safety Certified Type of Firearm
1. 01/12/2018 2:00pm Crawford Private GSW to the right side of head. Bullet just broke the skin and lodged between the skin and the skull. No Neither 13yr M Yes 19yr M Yes .22 Caliber Slide Action Rifle
Synopsis: The shooter was shooting at sparrows that were on the frozen ground around a cattle feeder in the barn yard. Victim walked out of steel shed at the exact time the shooter shot. The bullet ricocheted off the frozen ground and struck the victim in the side of the head.