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Fishing WisconsinLake Michigan Outdoor Fishing Report - September 6, 2018

Chinook caught off of Port Washington

In general, fishing reports will be updated once per week, usually on Tuesdays. This may change based on availability of reports and work schedules of field staff.

REMINDER - Anglers must carry a paper copy of their license/stamps while fishing on the waters of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, and the WI/MI, WI/MN and WI/IA boundary waters.

Southern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: September 6, 2018

Milwaukee Co.

Milwaukee thunder storm
  • McKinley Ramp – A never ending series on and off rain showers reduced the number of people fishing out of Milwaukee this weekend. Saturday there were only four trailers spotted in the lot, and no interviews were taken.
  • McKinley Pier – Pressure on the pier is starting to pick up. Most anglers reported limited success catching chinook salmon. The couple of fish that were landed were caught casting orange and silver or green and silver spoons.
  • North Lakefront Shoreline (McKinley, Veterans Park, Summerfest) – Only one angler was spotted fishing the shoreline. This was possibly due to poor weather conditions over the weekend combined with the Harley-Davidson festival.
  • South Lakefront (Jones Island, Cupertino Park, South Metro Pier) – Nobody was fishing the south city shoreline on Saturday.
  • South Shore Ramp – There was one trailer in the lot at South Shore on Saturday. One interview was taken, and it was someone who was not fishing.
  • South Metro Pier – Nobody was seen fishing off the South Metro Pier during survey times.
  • Bender Park – No one was spotted at Bender, and no interviews were taken.
  • Oak Creek Power Plant – There are a few people fishing of the pier for salmon, with no reported catches.
Chinook from Bender Park

Racine Co.

  • Racine Ramp – Most boaters having luck in about 50fow for Kings. Other boaters are heading out to 150-200 for silver fish. Most are trolling J-plugs and spoons. Most boaters are coming in with a mixed bag of kings, coho and brown trout.
  • Racine Pier & Shoreline – Lots of anglers out this week hoping for Kings staging. A couple kings have been caught from shore casting spoons and cranks. Water temps were down to about 55 but rose to 67 with the NE wind shutting the King bite off.

Kenosha Co.

  • Kenosha Ramp – Most boaters still traveling out to 150-200 fow for silver fish. Reports of mixed bags consisting of Brown trout, coho, and kings have been reported. Most are trolling spoons and small J-plugs.
  • Kenosha Piers & Shoreline – Decent amount of fishing pressure this week. The water cooled off to mid-50’s but has been fluctuating up and down. Most anglers casting spoons and cranks. A couple kings and brown trout have been recorded being caught during survey times.

Sheboygan Co.

  • No report is available for Sheboygan this week. Please check back again next week for the most up to date information.

Ozaukee Co.

  • Port Washington Ramp – Most boaters are having luck in fairly shallow trolling the mudline outside the harbor for kings. Most boats are using a mix of spoons, j-plugs, and crankbaits in brighter colors. Water temps near the harbor were around 54 to 60 degrees F.
  • Port Washington Pier – Very few anglers have been out on the piers since chinook have moved in closer. Some anglers reported some luck though casting bright crankbaits, larger flashy spinners, glow spoons and jigs with plastic minnows. Water clarity has been variable though due to recent rains causing Sauk Creek to flood and turned the water quite brown, but when winds have been light or out of the west, clear water has been found right on the outside of the piers.
  • Port Washington Utility – Many anglers have been fishing near the power plant with a few chinook salmon and brown trout to show for it. Most anglers have been using spawn sacs or skein on a 3-way rig, but some anglers have been casting a variety of crankbaits or spoons with some luck as well. Water clarity by the power plant has been variable as well due to recent rains flooding Sauk Creek.
  • Sauk Creek - Due to recent rains, Sauk Creek has been high and dirty, much like it is in early spring. No anglers have been seen fishing in the creek, but some chinook are likely to be moving upstream as the water drops.

Northern Lake Michigan Fishing Report: September 6, 2018

Manitowoc Co.

  • Manitowoc Ramp – Fishing over the week has increased despite the foggy conditions on the water. Spoons and j-plugs have produced most of the fish. Blue and green spoons are working the best right now as well as silver j-plugs. Most of the anglers are fishing inside of 40 feet of water. However, some anglers have gone out to 100 feet of water and had mixed results. Boats are coming in anywhere from one to four fish a trip.
  • Manitowoc Piers– Pier fishermen have waited all year for this opportunity to catch fish off the piers. Chinooks and brown trout have been caught daily for the last week. Some days are better than others. Fish are being taken on both champs and little cleos. Most of the fish were taken off the south pier due. The fishing pressure has increased and is the highest it’s been all year so far.
  • Manitowoc Harbor – Northern Pike fishing is still going strong inside the marina with fish being caught over 26 inches daily. The largest one caught in the harbor the past week was 35 inches. Smallmouth bass are caught occasionally. Casting for northern were effective, however, it seemed like using a bobber with a minnow was the ticket to catching northern pike.
  • Two Rivers Ramp – Just like in Manitowoc fishing pressure has increased and so has the number of fish being caught. When the weather allowed the anglers to get out fish were caught along the mudline which ranged anywhere from 20 to 40 feet of water. Surface temps are in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s right now. Most of the fish being caught in the boats are still silver.
  • Two Rivers Pier – Fishing on the piers in Two Rivers have started to heat up. Fish are caught daily right now. Green champs are effective as well as crankbaits right now. It seems like more fish have been caught in Two Rivers compared to Manitowoc although it’s not by much.
  • Two Rivers Harbor – Salmon have been spotted inside the harbors and may be headed up the rivers already. Although, the fish have been spotted no one has caught a salmon inside the harbor yet. With the rain supposed to continue over parts of the next week it should allow for the water levels and flow to remain consist.

Kewaunee Co.

  • Kewaunee Ramp – Fishing pressure was fairly average for the majority of the week and into the weekend. The catch rate remained low for chinook salmon with most folks getting their fish right past the pier head. Water temperature was reported to be 47°F out in 80-100ft of water and 51°-52°F closer to shore. The kings were taking on darker brown colors with the best luck on spoons. Choppy water and rollers made conditions difficult as well as a heavy fog settling onto the lake after the storm.
  • Kewaunee Shore– There was heavy fishing pressure along the shoreline with many folks visiting from neighboring states. Very little to no luck was had with chinook salmon amongst either spin fishermen or fly anglers.
  • Kewaunee Piers – Early this week there were reports of a few brown trout and chinook salmon out at the tip of the pier. Late in the week fishing pressure was heavy as folks crowded in anticipation of salmon though the catch rate remained low. Water temperature was reported at 52°F late week.
  • Algoma Ramp – There was medium fishing pressure this week with reports of a few king salmon. Early folks were out in 100-170ft of water with the temperature being reported as 49°F on top and 42°F 50ft down. No thermocline was reported. Many anglers were brought closer to shore later in the week for chinook.
  • Algoma Shore and Pier – Early in the week the Algoma Harbor had water temperature reported at 58°F with a decrease in brown trout and chinook salmon coming in. The pier head brought in a few king salmon and large sheepshead. Thick fogs and crashing waves made conditions less suitable for anglers on the shore and the pier. Due to weather and storms, no one was spotted at Olson Park.

Green Bay Fishing Report: September 6, 2018

Oconto County

  • Oconto Park II – Anglers were reporting success catching some perch, smallmouth bass, and walleye over the weekend. Anglers were having success catching perch using nightcrawlers at water depths between 5 and 10ft. Anglers were having success catching walleye using nightcrawlers water depths between 10 and 15ft.
  • Oconto Breakwater and Harbor Area – Anglers on the pier were having some success catching catfish, northern pike, perch, and smallmouth bass this week. The Oconto Breakwater Harbor had high fishing pressure by anglers using the boat launch Anglers using the boat launch were reporting success catching northern pike, perch, and walleye.
  • Oconto River – Over the past week, the water temperature for the Oconto river ranged from 65 – 72°F.
    • Municipal Boat Ramp – Basically an overflow lot for the breakwater area, dominated by Walleye anglers.
    • Holtwood Park Ramp – Very low fishing pressure was observed at the Holtwood Park Boat Ramp in Oconto this past week.
    • North River Road Ramp – Very low fishing pressure was observed at the North River Road Boat Ramp this week.
  • Stiles Dam & Iron Bridge Area – Fishing pressure was good by the dam this week. Anglers were having occasional success catching rock bass or bluegill this week. The areas close proximity to Green Bay, coupled with public access, makes it a favorite for casual angling.
  • Pensaukee River Boat Ramp – lower fishing pressure was observed at the Pensaukee river boat ramp this week. Anglers were reporting success catching catfish, northern pike, perch, and walleye.
  • Geano’s Beach – Very low number of boats out this week due to the storms but most that were fishing were after muskies. Of the muskie fisherman that were going out of Geanos only a couple had a follow up but no fish were landed. No walleye fisherman were interviewed.

Marinette County – Menomonee River

  • Menominee River – This week anglers were having the most luck catching walleye using nightcrawlers at depths of 10 – 15ft. The water temperatures on the Menominee ranged from 67°F to 68°F over this past week.
    • Boom Landing Ramp – Fishing pressure remained light over the past week.
    • Ann Arbor Ramp – decreased numbers of anglers were out this past week. Some anglers were having some success catching brown trout this week.
    • Menekaunee Harbor – decreased fishing pressure over the weekend. Anglers were having success catching perch and walleye.
  • Red Arrow Park – Very low fishing pressure was observed at Red Arrow Park this week. Teal hunters were using this area over the weekend.
  • Little River Area – Good fishing pressure was observed at the little River Ramp this week. Some perch were being caught along the shore using nightcrawlers. Decent numbers of perch were being caught this weekend.
  • Peshtigo River - Overall, low fishing pressure was observed on the Peshtigo River this past week. The water temperatures ranged from 69 – 71°F over the weekend.
    • Peshtigo Dam Area – Fishing pressure is low along at the Peshtigo dam area. Some anglers were having luck catching rock bass, crappie, and bluegill using nightcrawlers up by the dam.
    • Peshtigo Municipal Garage Ramp – Fishing pressure was very low this week.
    • Klingsborn’s Ramp (5 mi down CTY RD BB outside Peshtigo) – Fishing pressure remained steady over the past week. Some success catching northern pike and perch over the past week. Teal hunters also used this ramp over the weekend.
    • Peshtigo River Mouth (at the end of Harbor Rd in Peshtigo Harbor Wildlife Area) – Boat anglers continue to have limited success on Walleye with crank baits, catching more Drum than targeted species. The area is also a destination for owners of water loving dogs. Some catches of Yellow Perch by shore anglers fishing nightcrawlers on the bottom near submergent vegetation.

Green Bay/Fox River

  • Metro Boat Launch – Due to the multiple storms this week very low numbers of boats were recorded, at most 3 trailers each day when surveyed. No interviews were taken of any boaters. There were only a few shore anglers and those that were interviewed reported no fish were caught.
  • Fox Point/Fairgrounds – There were very few to no trailers, no interviews were taken of anglers.
  • Voyager Park – Low number of anglers were out this week, those that were fishing caught a couple catfish but that was it for the week.

Brown County

  • Bayshore – During the beginning of the week the walleye catch was relatively consistent with most boats catching 3-4 fish but as the weekend drew closer the weather had changed and so did the walleye bite. By the time Saturday had come very few anglers had caught more than 2 fish for half a day out on the water. On the bright side the yellow perch fishing appears to be picking up. By Saturday Afternoon most of the perch anglers coming back recorded catching at least a few fish with some boats catching more than a dozen for a few hours out on the water. The parking lot had around 2 dozen trailers in it on the days that were surveyed with most boats being fishing with a few pleasure boats sprinkled in.
  • Suamico – Very low number of boats out this week due to the storms but most that were fishing were after muskies. Approximately half reported landing a muskie in the boat with several other follow ups. One pair of anglers reported catching a 54”, other anglers reported catching a few at 49” plus a few in the 30s. Occasionally they caught a northern. No walleye fisherman were interviewed

Door County

  • Northern Door County, Green Bay Side – Bass action has slowed a bit in the last week, but pier anglers are still catching some nice fish. Slip bobbers with crawlers and soft plastics used early and late in the day provide the best action from the piers. Walleye anglers have had little luck catching only a few walleyes and the occasional sheepshead while trolling cranks. Perch action has been inconsistent with a few anglers having good catches in the canal, but most anglers come back with only a couple fish. Anglers report no rhyme or reason to the bite, just that they keep moving till they find active fish. Boat traffic was lower than average over the holiday weekend due to weather.
  • Northern Door County, Lake Michigan Side –Rowley’s Bay pier is still producing some bass in the morning. Angling pressure was low on the big lake due to strong south winds. Most anglers came back empty handed but a few kings have been caught in the vicinity of the canal. The salmon should be staging for their imminent spawning run and fishing should get better as more fish move in.
  • Chaudior’s Dock – Walleye anglers found similar results out of Chaudior’s dock in comparison to Bayshore park. Before the storms rolled in most anglers found at least few walleyes for the frying pan but as the days progressed the walleye bite became slow and less consistent. Over the course of the week only a few perch anglers were out but every boat interviewed brought home at least 6 fish for the freezer. The parking lot averaged 15 or so trailers on the days that were surveyed.
  • Little Sturgeon Bay, Sawyer Harbor – Over the course of the week walleye anglers found inconsistent results out of both Little Sturgeon and Sawyer Harbor. Some boats struggled to find any fish while a few had their limit. The average result would be a harvest of 2-4 fish for half a day out on the water. There were a few smallmouth bass anglers out over the past week as well, but the most fish caught by any boat was 2. The yellow perch bite has improved over the past few days as well. At the beginning of the week anglers were lucky to catch a dozen fish and harvest half but by the time the weekend rolled around more people were catching near limits. Little Sturgeon was the busiest over the weekend with 25 trailers out of the days that were surveyed. Sawyer harbor averaged 7-15 in the areas that were surveyed over the past week.

Sturgeon Bay

  • Sturgeon Bay City Shore – There was low fishing pressure for most of the week and weekend with no reports on perch.
  • Sturgeon Bay Ramp – There was medium fishing pressure during the week with some perch and walleye coming in. The water temperature was reported to be 64°F at the surface near the ramp.
  • Bay View Park – Fishing pressure was low. No interviews were taken.
  • Sunset Park Ramp – Fishing pressure was low. No interviews were taken.
  • Stone Quarry Ramp – Walleye, freshwater drum, and smallmouth bass were being caught though storms created a decrease in angler outings. Rough waters made fishing difficult late in the week.
  • Stone Quarry Shore – There was light fishing pressure this week with a decrease in smallmouth bass catches. Walleye and sheepshead were being reported as well. Good luck for smallmouth bass was had using nightcrawlers.
Last revised: Thursday September 06 2018