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Contact information
Please direct questions regarding the Learn-to-Fish License Waiver to:
Angler Education Office

Learn-to-Fish License Waiver

LTF Waiver Participants Casting for Recovery (breast cancer survivor) participant enjoys a Learn-to-Fish outing with her river buddy.

The Learn-to-Fish License Waiver offers a free fishing opportunity for people of license-buying age who are engaged in an educational fishing program such as the Department of Natural Resources Angler Education Program. Programs designed by schools and organizations may also be eligible if they and the waiver applicant (mentor) meet the requirements listed in the link below. Typically, Learn-to-Fish programs cover a range of topics including skills, fishing regulations, outdoor ethics, fish biology, aquatic ecology and habitat investigation.

Information & instructions

You will need to complete two to four forms, 15 days prior to your fishing outing and a possible follow-up form two weeks after it. See instructions regarding exceptions to 15-day advance rule.

» Learn-to-Fish License Waiver Information & Instructions [PDF].

Required forms

  1. Mentor Background Check Authorization for Educational Outdoor Skills Activities, DNR Form 4100-217 [PDF]. (Required by applicant.)
  2. Application and Authorization to Conduct an Educational Outdoor Skills Activity – Fishing License Waiver, DNR Form 3600-226 [PDF].
  3. Authorized Mentors for Outdoor Skills Activity (list of volunteers who have had background checks), DNR Form 8500-167 [PDF]. (Required if volunteers assisting applicant are cleared by DNR rather than sponsoring organization.)
  4. Educational Outdoor Skills Activity Participant Roster, DNR Form 8500-166 [PDF]. (Submit this with your waiver application.) Provide students with the Go Wild Worksheet [PDF] so that they can report their 9-digit DNR Customer ID numbers to you to include on the participant roster.

Help Learn-to-Fish participants understand the value of fishing and a fishing license through this lesson plan, Cheap Date [PDF] from the Angler Education Program, Hook, Line & Thinker! found in Teaching materials.

Other fishing license waivers

Other types of fishing license waivers are available to accommodate certain groups of disabled or institutionalized people. See individual forms for eligibility rules and restrictions or contact Customer Service, toll-free at 1-888-936-7463 for more information.

Waiver name: Institutional Free Fishing Authorization
Form 9400-506 [PDF]
Fee None
Audience Certain patients and institutionalized persons.
Includes Caregivers? No, caregivers or other staff must buy a license.
Eligible facilities
  • county hospital
  • state correctional institution
  • state or federal mental hospital
  • nonprofit rehabilitation facility
Contact: Customer Service or call toll-free: 1-888-936-7463
Waiver name: Disabled Group Fishing Event License Waiver
Form 9400-562A [PDF]
Fee None
Audience Persons who are developmentally or physically disabled and who are participating in fishing excursions
conducted by nonprofit organizations.
Includes Caregivers? No, caregivers or other staff must buy a license.
Contact: Customer Service or call toll-free: 1-888-936-7463
Waiver name: Developmentally Disabled Group One-Day Fishing License Waiver
Form 9400-562 [PDF]
Fee $25.00
Audience Persons with a developmental disability due to brain injury and other conditions requiring treatment
similar to that required for mental retardation, and can be expected to continue indefinitely.
This does not include senility which is primarily caused by the process of aging or the infirmities of aging.
Limited to 12 individuals, including caregivers.
Includes Caregivers? Yes
Contact: Customer Service or call toll-free: 1-888-936-7463
Last revised: Friday February 28 2020