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Karner blue butterflyHabitat Conservation Plan user's guide

Karner blue butterfly HCP Partners in Protection logo

The Karner Blue Butterfly Habitat Conservation Plan User's Guide is the single source of implementation guidelines and protocols for conserving habitat for the Karner blue butterfly, a federally-listed endangered species that is found in Wisconsin. The user's guide contains the management guidelines and protocols as well as the monitoring protocols used by plan partners when conducting activities in the high potential range of Karner blue in Wisconsin [PDF].

Download the complete HCP User's Guide [PDF].


Management protocols

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Monitoring Protocols Forestry Management Conservation Management Corridor Management Recreation Management Timber Harvest Prescribed Burning Mowing and Brushing Prescribed Burning Timber Stand Improvement Mowing and Brushing Prescribed Burning Mowing and Brushing Mechanical Site Prep Pesticide Use Pesticide Use Pesticide Use Pesticide Use Habitat Restoration Habitat Restoration Habitat Restoration Prescribed Burning Cable Plowing Mowing and Brushing Snow Plowing Habitat Restoration Snow Plowing Construction Management Emergency Management Habitat Replacement Plan Template And Instructions Habitat Restoration Protocol Minor Construction Project Protocol Egg Salvage Protocol Limited Partner Mowing and Brushing Pesticide Use Snow Plowing Cable Plowing Habitat Restoration Protocol Lupine Survey Protocol

Last revised: Wednesday April 25 2018