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Bird Rookery

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A Bird Rookery is an area where more than one pair of birds nest in a group. The number of nests can vary from just a few to hundreds and can include one to many different species of birds. Sites can include rare and non-rare species. The breeding time will vary based on the species present at the site. Rookeries are typically located in inaccessable locations including forests, shrub communities, wetlands adjacent to water (lakes, rivers or streams), and islands. These sites are important as large numbers of breeding individuals can be found in a single place.


Bird Rookery  [Photo #13604]

Great Blue Heron - Double-creseted Cormoant rookery in Grand River Marsh.

Photo by  staff, WDNR.

Bird Rookery  [Photo #9926]

Great Blue Heron Rookery.

Photo © Gary Zahm.

Last revised: Thursday, June 17, 2021