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DeKay's brownsnake (Storeria dekayi)

DeKay's brownsnake photo.
Photo © A.B. Sheldon
  • Family: Colubridae (Non-venomous snakes)
  • Status: Common
  • Size: 8-15 inches

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This short thick-bodied snake is gray or light brown in color, and is marked with a light mid-dorsal stripe bordered by two rows of small dark spots. The underside is white or light pink with dark pencil-point spots along the edges of the belly scales. Brownsnakes live in the surface litter in many habitats, including oak savannas, prairies, southern lowland hardwoods, marshes, old fields and under rubbish in vacant city lots. Small invertebrates, including slugs, earthworms and snails make up its diet.


DeKay's brownsnake  Photo

Photo © A.B. Sheldon.

Last revised: Tuesday, December 22, 2020