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potential wetlands on your property to help understand the ecological value of your property and to help design projects.
wetlands through land use planning, acquisition and wetland protection laws.
wetlands to improve wetland health and function and by re-establishing destroyed wetlands.
wetland losses through restoration, enhancement and establishment.
Exploring Nature

Wisconsin wetland success stories

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and partners are working together to protect, restore and explore wetlands –– among the state’s most valuable economic and environmental assets. Wisconsin travelers spend an average of $12–13 billion1 each year and treasure our diverse and abundant water resources. Wetlands help preserve clean water by storing flood waters and providing natural purifiers for lakes, rivers and groundwater. They serve as nurseries for fish and wildlife and playgrounds for birders, hikers, hunters and paddlers. These Wisconsin wetland success stories celebrate our partnerships in Reversing the Loss strategies.

Protect Wisconsin wetlands...

Beach Trail

...through land use planning, acquisition and implementation of wetland protection laws. Read Protecting Wetlands Along the Lake Superior Shoreline [PDF] to see how partners have worked together to protect wetlands in Bayfield County.

Restore Wisconsin wetlands... managing existing wetlands to improve wetland health and functions and by re–establishing destroyed wetlands. Read Restoring Wetlands in the Avon Bottoms Watershed [PDF] to learn more about several efforts to restore wetlands in this wildlife area.


Explore Wisconsin wetlands...

...through recreational and educational opportunities to enhance understanding of wetlands and increase wetland stewardship. Read Exploring Wetlands in the Pheasant Branch Conservancy [PDF] to see how others are getting involved.

1Wisconsin Department of Tourism. The Economic Impact of Travelers On Wisconsin: Calendar Year 2010

Last Revised: Monday October 24 2016