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wetlands through land use planning, acquisition and wetland protection laws.
wetlands to improve wetland health and function and by re-establishing destroyed wetlands.
wetlands by getting your feet wet and learning about their wonders.

Consult a professional

Reviewing maps and walking over the land to look for water–loving plants and other wetland clues can give one a good idea of whether wetlands are on the property. However, only a professional wetland delineator can verify wetlands and establish their boundaries. All wetlands are protected by law and people are required to avoid building on wetlands, filling them in, or otherwise impacting wetlands.

Lists of professional wetland biologists

The names and contact information of wetland professionals conducting work in Wisconsin can be found on these lists maintained by the DNR and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

DNR assured wetland delineators

The DNR offers a program for wetland consultants to have DNR assess their accuracy in determining wetland boundaries. Individuals are assured for purposes of State of Wisconsin permits and state–mandated local programs. Concurrence from DNR is not needed and wetland delineation issues are unlikely to cause delays in state permit decisions for sites at which these individuals are the lead field delineator and report author. This allows for early planning and the permit application process to proceed more quickly.

List of assured wetland delineators and program information.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers consultants list

The Corps maintains a list of consultants who have indicated they are for hire in Wisconsin and Minnesota to verify wetlands and establish wetland boundaries. DNR and the Corps do not recommend any consultants, but provides this listing as a resource to make it easier for the public to locate wetland professionals.

List of Wisconsin and Minnesota consultants

Other sources of information

You may also wish to consult the Yellow Pages or search the Internet under – environmental and ecological services’ to find a wetland professional.

Tips for hiring a wetland consultant

Consier contacting several consultants to compare their rates and services. In addition to those questions, ask them questions to assess their credentials, the quality of their work, and their past track record in getting permits approved.

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