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Uses of well form software

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Well Forms Program allows you to build your own electronic database of well information collected from eight (8) DNR well related forms. The program is intended to provide you a way of electronically capturing well and related information required by the Department. It provides a way to print, export, and import data captured through this program for the following Department forms:

  1. First Water Quality Test Form 3300-77
  2. Drinking Water Well Construction Form 3300-77A
  3. Monitoring Well Construction 4400-113A
  4. Monitoring Well Development 4400-113B
  5. Well/Drillhole/Borehole Filling & Sealing 3300-005
  6. Soil Boring Log Information Form 4400-122 and 122A
  7. Groundwater Monitoring Inventory Form 3300-67
  8. Groundwater Monitoring Well Information (WIF) Form 4400-89

The program allows you to enter and edit the forms information, print submittal copies of each form, and export and import the data to the Microsoft Access 97 database format used here. Copies of this program can share data using the Data Export/Import feature.

All the forms are closely tied to use of the Wisconsin Unique Well Number (WUWN). WUWNs can be obtained from your DNR project manager for existing wells at Solid Waste and Wastewater sites or from Private Water Supply staff for drinking water supply wells. Not all the forms require the WUWN be entered, but much of the work entering data can be saved if the WUWN is entered. Once an initial record has been entered into the Monitoring Well Construction Form, Soil Boring Log Form, or Groundwater Monitoring Inventory Form using a WUWN, the program will automatically populate all corresponding data fields in the Well Development, Filling & Sealing, or WIF forms by first entering the same WUWN. This can save significant time during data entry, and prevent extraneous data entry errors from occurring.

A newer program feature adds the ability to copy Property Owner and Well Constructor information from the First Water Quality Test Form to the Drinking Water Well Construction Form when a new record is added in the Drinking Water Well Construction Form and a corresponding WUWN is used from an existing First Water Quality Test record. A message will pop-up asking if you want to copy the corresponding name and address information.

Another newer program enhancement added since the original program release, on the First Water Quality Test, Drinking Water Well Construction, Monitoring Well Construction, Monitoring Well Development, and Soil Boring Log Information forms, is the ability to have the program copy selected fields from the form you are currently viewing to a new form when you select the [Add New Record] button.

We encourage you to send data back in this electronic format using the export option, in addition to the paper copies sent beck to the DNR project manager. As an additional bonus for submitting your well data electronically, a state-wide database is being assembled. By contributing your well information now, you will in the future be able to request records for other areas of the state you are interested in at no additional cost. As a second benefit, a listing of mail and e-mail addresses will be assembled to allow for prompt notification of new features, updates, or important informational items.

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Last revised: Sunday July 29 2012