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how Wisconsin protects waterways by holding them in trust for everyone to enjoy.
the permits you need for your waterfront property projects.
about the permit process that protects public waters.
Waterway and wetland information line
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Waterway protection Miscellaneous structures

Geothermal energy systems, innovative ways to clean the shoreline, new designs for enhancing fish and wildlife habitat…if it involves the placement of a structure or any other materials on the bed of a public waterway a permit is required.

Miscellaneous Structures

Miscellaneous Structures

Exemptions and permits

  • There are no exemptions for miscellaneous structures.
  • Water Permits - choose the "Waterway and wetland" tab and then find activity "Miscellaneous structures."

If you can’t find a named activity off the project type list that fits what you want to do on your waterfront property, this just means that there hasn’t been a specific permit created for your project type. In these cases, you can apply for a Miscellaneous Structures permit.

Please visit Water Permits to apply for permits.


Applicable statutes and codes include Section 30.12, Wis. Stats. [PDF exit DNR] and Chapter NR 329, Wis. Adm. Code [PDF exit DNR].

Local permits and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulations may also apply. We advise you to contact your local zoning office and your regional U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office [exit DNR].

Last revised: Tuesday November 04 2014