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a solid or hazardous waste complaint to the DNR.
Contact information
For information about manifests, contact:
Amy Walden
Hazardous waste program specialist
Aggie Cook
RCRAInfo Administrator

Hazardous waste manifest requirements

The Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest is the form used by all generators who transport, or offer for transport, hazardous waste for off-site treatment, recycling, storage or disposal, unless the generator is exempted from this requirement. Detailed information on the manifest system and associated requirements can be found in:

Transition to federal e-Manifest system

Check with your receiving facility

Before you begin using the e-Manifest system, contact your TSD/receiving facility to determine how it plans to transition toward using a fully electronic manifest.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Hazardous Waste e-Manifest System is housed within the RCRAINfo electronic database and can produce forms, reports and procedures designed to track hazardous waste from the time it leaves the generator (facility where it was produced) until it reaches the off-site waste management facility that will store, treat or dispose of the hazardous waste. The system allows the waste generator to verify that the waste has been properly delivered, and that no waste has been lost or unaccounted for in the process.

Once the e-Manifest system is fully operational, the EPA will require the TSD/receiving facility to submit all final manifests into RCRAInfo. All handlers, including the generator, must register to gain access to the system to review the manifests and for recordkeeping purposes.

During the initial transition period, it is expected that generators will continue to receive a paper copy manifest at the time the hazardous waste is picked up at their facilities. Over time, the TSD/receiving facility will work with its transporters to begin using the electronic system from the initiation of the shipment onward. This gradual transition will allow generators and handlers to learn more about how the system works and get registered to use the system.

Manifests that start out as a paper form and are then entered into the e-Manifest system are called “hybrid” manifests, and cannot go back to a paper format.

The EPA has created user specific fact sheets describing the e-Manifest system.

Key changes under the e-Manifest system

The following changes will occur as of the June 30, 2018, launch date:

  • Manifests initiated after June 30, 2018, will no longer be required to be submitted to the DNR, regardless of whether the shipment was in-state or out-of-state.
  • The EPA will require the use of a 5-page paper manifest, which omits the final page for return to the generating state. The EPA will allow continued use of the 6-page paper manifests until the 5-page manifests are available from the printers.
  • The TSD/receiving facility will no longer be required to send a monthly manifest summary to the DNR, once all manifests are being submitted to the e-manifest system.
  • The DNR will no longer collect manifest user fees from TSDs/receiving facilities, as the EPA will collect these fees as part of the e-Manifest system by the EPA.

Also of note, there are no Wisconsin-specific hazardous waste codes (e.g., F500), regardless of what may be currently indicated within the RCRAInfo system.

TSD/receiving facility requirements under the e-Manifest system

Once the manifest is received by the TSD/receiving facility, the facility has 30 days to submit the completed manifest to the e-manifest system. Initially, after the launch date, EPA has granted a 60-day extension for submittal to the e-manifest system. There are four ways the TSD/receiving facility can submit the manifest and processing fee to the EPA:

  1. Electronic manifest (including hybrid*) with a fee of $5
  2. Entered data plus image upload of manifest is a fee of $6.50
  3. Upload of a scanned image of the manifest is a fee of $10
  4. Mailed in paper manifest is a fee of $15

* A hybrid manifest is created electronically in e-Manifest. A hard copy is then printed from the system and signed by the generator and initial transporter on paper. The signed hard copy is then left with the generator, while the remainder of the manifest shipment is executed electronically. The manifest is signed electronically by the initial transporter, any other subsequent transporters, and the receiving facility.

Processing fees are the responsibility of the TSD/receiving facility and may be reflected in their hazardous waste contracts with generators. The EPA’s goal is to support the transition to a fully electronic manifest system to reduce costs incurred by all parties.

Access to the e-Manifest system

Note about RCRAInfo

RCRAInfo will not allow access to the e-Manifest system beyond registration until after June 30, 2018.

The system is a work in progress. Correction capabilities will not be available in the system for generators and transporters until fall 2018.

To access the e-Manifest system, you must set up an account in RCRAInfo. Choose RCRAInfo Version 6, then register for an account. The state RCRAInfo administrator will provide access for you to become a "user." Read the user options carefully to choose the one that best fits your use. This is a person-specific account and should not be shared among employees. Each employee that will need to sign or certify within the e-Manifest system must have his or her own electronic signature permission.

It is recommended that facilities register two site managers per facility who can then assign user roles for use of the e-Manifest system for their company or facility. his will avoid a lag in access to the system should personnel change over time. Site managers may assign user roles to facility personnel based on whether they will need to review, create and/or sign manifests electronically

Note: The "broker" user roles will not be available at the initial launch, so brokers may be assigned as the "preparer." These assignments can be made prior to and after the launch date.

Additional resources

For RCRAInfo user access and permissions, contact Aggie Cook (608-266-2414) or Adan Lara.

For RCRA e-Manifest use compliance questions, contact Dan Chachakis (312-886-9871).

For RCRA e-Manifest IT assistance, contact Thomas Crosetto (312-886-6294).

Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest (E-Manifest) System [exit DNR] - EPA page that allows you to test drive the new system

Frequent Questions about e-Manifest [exit DNR]

Last revised: Monday July 02 2018