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WDNR wardens & dogs: Thanksgiving photos greetings!

Warden Wire Section: Wardens in Action published on November 22, 2018

By: Joanne M. Haas/WDNR Bureau of Law Enforcement

Happy Thanksgiving! Your WDNR Bureau of Law Enforcement Conservation Wardens send to you these fun photos as their special greetings and wishes for an enjoyable -- and always safe! -- holiday.  

Warden Recruits: Chain-A-Grin, Stack-A-Tree!

Be Thankful floor grin formation - Photo credit: WDNR
Be Thankful floor grin formationPhoto credit: WDNR

The recruit warden class, still in heavy-duty studies at the DNR Law Enforcement Academy, took a book break and choreographed not one -- but two! -- holiday greetings.

First up is the team's 'Be Thankful' floor grin formation. Popular choice!

Recruit Tree formation - Photo credit: WDNR
Recruit Tree formationPhoto credit: WDNR

That wasn't enough for these over-achievers as they took to the great outdoors to stack themselves into the always-winning classic holiday tree formation, with a few select blaze orange ornaments.

Well challenged!

You'll be seeing them on the outdoor beat in the new year.

K9s: Have Ball, Will Photo -- Times 3!

WDNR K9s are not into sitting around -- and that includes for a photo. You have to have a plan if a photo is THE plan. Warden Ben Mott and Warden Heather Gottschalk had one.

Here are the photos: Going Up! Coming Down! and Down!

Going Up! WDNR Wardens Heather Gottschalk and Ben Mott, K9s Bridger and Grizzly. - Photo by J. Haas
Going Up!Photo credit: WDNR

K9 Grizzly, at 11 is the oldest of the wardens' dogs and works with owner Warden Ben, and K9 Bridger, at 18 months is the youngest and is being trained by owner Warden Heather. Grizzly, a toller, and Bridger, a lab, were into wearing their greeting cards, even though Bridger was sure there must have been some meat on it. But sitting? Not so much.

Coming Down! WDNR Wardens Heather Gottschalk and Ben Mott, K9s Bridger and Grizzly. - Photo by J. Haas
Coming Down!Photo credit: WDNR

So, Warden Ben tossed a favorite toy into the air to give these retrievers something to focus on just long enough to sit still.

And, upon landing, off the truck the dogs went. Clear!

Down! WDNR Wardens Heather Gottschalk and Ben Mott, K9s Bridger and Grizzly. - Photo by J. Haas
Down!Photo credit: J. Haas

Warden Neff-Miller: Deer waits for close-up!

 - Photo credit: WDNR
Photo credit: WDNR

Warden Alyssa Neff-Miller was on a Thanksgiving mission to take her holiday greetings photo for her service territory in Manitowoc County. She was on patrol in Point Beach State Forest and thought the forest made for a perfect background for her holiday photo. As she prepared for the photo, she noticed a brown area behind her and there was a deer. Warden Alyssa got rather excited and held her greeting sign upside down for her photo. Miraculously, the deer must have wanted to really be in her picture as it hung out behind her while she flipped her sign and took a second shot. You just can't plan this stuff! Who knew deer know how to photobomb!

Warden Litvinoff: Scaling heights to serve & send!

Warden Josh Litvinoff - Photo credit: WDNR
Warden Josh LitvinoffPhoto credit: WDNR

Warden Josh Litvinoff, who serves you as a member of the Wisconsin River Warden Team, scaled to the top of the beautiful Rib Mountain State Park with his greeting card. Way to go, Josh!

Warden Hartrick: It's holiday season!

Warden Paul Hatrick - Photo credit: WDNR
Warden Paul HatrickPhoto credit: WDNR

Warden Paul Hartrick found a great spot to send his holiday greetings to his Oconto County service territory -- the WDNR Oconto Falls Ranger Station!

Warden Pearl Worden & Capt. April Dombrowski: Hunters' holiday wishes!

Pearl Holiday - Photo credit: WDNR
Pearl HolidayPhoto credit: WDNR

It was a statewide view for Warden Pearl  & Capt. April for their Thanksgiving wishes. They wish success & safety for all Wisconsin hunters this 9-day, gun-deer season. Stay safe out there!

Walworth County partnership! Wardens & schools do food drive

Food Drive - Photo credit: WDNR
Food DrivePhoto credit: WDNR

Wardens Jason Swaney and Mike Katzenberg pose with donations for an ongoing Walworth County food drive involving the local schools and the wardens! All food donated will go the needy. Kudos to all for helping.

Holiday On, Garth: Warden Mark Little

WDNR Warden Mark Little - Photo credit: WDNR
WDNR Warden Mark LittlePhoto credit: WDNR

Nice calming sentiments sent with a big smile from WDNR Warden Mark Little.  Mark is on the Recreation Warden Team.

Team Brooks: Pump you up for Thanksgiving!

WDNR Deputy Chief Warden Karl Brooks & Warden Alex Brooks - Photo credit: WDNR
WDNR Deputy Chief Warden Karl Brooks & Warden Alex BrooksPhoto credit: WDNR

Deputy Chief Warden Karl Brooks and Field Warden Alex Brooks are into Thanksgiving. This father-son duo show teamwork is a Thanksgiving theme. That's the way to show Thanksgiving's strength! (Now, sprint to that pie table.)

Lt. Sinclair: The warden is out there!

Photo credit: WDNR
Photo credit: WDNR

Out on patrol, Lt. John Sinclair turned to his laptop to send his holiday greetings to Dodge County. The lieutenant is out there...

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Last Revised: Thursday, November 22, 2018

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