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TMDL implementation.
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Upper Fox and Wolf Basins

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For More Information Contact:
Keith Marquardt
Upper Fox/Wolf Basin TMDL project manager

Upper Fox and Wolf Basins Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for Water Quality Improvement

The Upper Fox River (UFR) Basin and the Wolf River (WR) Basin are two separate basins that converge within a series of pool lakes in Winnebago County before finally flowing collectively into Lake Winnebago. All of the surface water drainage to Lake Winnebago is contained within these two basins. Lake Winnebago outlets into the Lower Fox River Basin where it eventually flows into Green Bay.  A TMDL has been developed for the Lower Fox River and Lower Green Bay Area of Concern (AOC) for  phosphorus and total suspended solids.

The Upper Fox River and Wolf River Basins are important environmental and economic resources for the state and the local community. People have long used the Fox River and Wolf Rivers for transportation, commerce, energy, food, and recreation. However, the waters located within the Upper Fox and Wolf River Basins are impaired due to excess phosphorus and total suspended solids (TSS). The Federal Clean Water Act requires states and authorized Tribes to identify and restore impaired waterbodies. To restore waters within the Fox and Wolf Basins, TMDLs will be developed for total phosphorus and TSS. The TMDL will identify the sources of the pollutants and the reductions necessary to address water quality impairments. In addition, addressing water quality in the Upper Fox and Wolf basins may be necessary in restoring water quality in the Lower Fox basin.

Overview of the Upper Fox and Wolf River Basin TMDL

Last revised:Thursday May 04 2017