Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Nonpoint Source (NPS) Grants

Source: NPS Grant descriptions and locations were digitized in the SWIMS system from electronic and paper files, applications and final reports. The location and descriptions will improve over time as grant applications, progress reports, and final reports become more available and are archived in the SWIMS system.

Date: Data updates are ongoing. Description Written: 7/31/07

Description: This dataset represents all known location of Nonpoint Source (NPS) Grants from the program's inception. Work is underway to make this dataset complete - locating the where the grant occurred and incorporating descriptions of the work done. In the future, the final report will be available through this application by clicking on "more detail".

NPS Grants.

Status: Please note this dataset is not fully migrated. The dataset will become complete as all ordinances and information are migrated in 2007.

Data Dictionary:

  • More Detail: Link to final report from the grant (not yet available)
  • Grant Type: Indicates whether the grant was a lake, river, or nonpoint source grant
  • ROI ID: 18655615 Tracking number from the SWIMS database
  • Grant Name: Title of the project
  • WBIC: 1182400 Waterbody that was subject of the grant
  • Start Date: Mar 31, 2000 Grant Award Date
  • Status: Grant Completed Status of the Grant
  • Spatial Description: Detail on the grant goals
  • Category code: The type of NPS Grant
  • Category: The type of NPS Grant
  • Status code: Status of the Grant
  • End Date: Grant Close Out Date

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