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Flambeau River State ForestCurrent conditions

Cross-country ski trails

The Flambeau Hills Ski Trail is 15 miles long with loops and trail links. The ski trail was groomed for skate and tracked for classic cross country skiing Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 2 p.m. and was in excellent condition. 

Snowshoe Trails: Lake of the Pines Nature Trail, Little Falls/Slough Gundy Scenic Area, Sobieski Wildlife Area and Bass Lake Wilderness Area are just to name a few of the trails in the Forest.   Some of these trails can be a real challenge. Get those snowshoes out!   Be sure to bring a compass, just in case you get turned around. 

Cross-country ski trail conditions

Snowmobile/ATV Trails

Snowmobile trails are groomed and in good shape. As of Wed. Feb. 20 a Winter Storm Warning has been issued for the Winter, WI area with daytime snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches of more snow.   

The ATV/UTV trail system is closed for the season. Snowmobile trails will open when there is enough snow to groom the trails.

Aerial photo of Little Falls on the Flambeau River

Little Falls, photo © Jim Kuchler.

The Flambeau River State Forest has a plethora of hunter/walking trails and some very beautiful scenic hiking and nature trails.

Trails are not designed for high-speed travel.  Lake of the Pines Nature Trail, Little Falls/Slough Gundy Scenic Area, Sobieski Wildlife Area and Bass Lake Wilderness Area are just to name a few.   Some of these trails can be a real challenge. Depending upon the snow depth, you may want to consider snowshoeing the trails. Get those snowshoes ready!   If you choose to go to Lake of the Pines Nature trail or Little Falls/Slough Gundy Scenic Area, there are map containers on the entrance posts of the trails, just grab a map.  When hiking or snowshoeing Lake of the Pines, you can enter this trail at Lake of the Pines Landing or across from the registration station for the campground.  The trail runs along the bluffs on the west bank of Lake of the Pines and into some rolling hills loaded with large white pines and hemlocks.  When hiking or snowshoeing Little Falls/Slough Gundy be sure to read the signs carefully, and if you are able to traverse boulders and cross a rocky river bed, try crossing to Slough Gundy.  Once across the river bed just follow the path and you will see some large white pines, cedars, hemlocks and also some unusual rock formations.  There are cliffs on the north end of Slough Gundy, so be cautious.  These are just a couple of the many unique and wonderful places here on the Flambeau River State Forest. Stop in at the Flambeau River State Forest Headquarters and we have maps available for the Hunter Walking Trails.  


Coming events to the Flambeau River State Forest.

Campground conditions

Don't move firewood!

Don't move firewood!Due to the potential of carrying harmful tree pests and diseases, Wisconsin has restrictions for moving firewood.

Lake of the Pines Campground closed Dec. 15. It is a very beautiful rustic, quiet and well maintained campground. It is located on a bluff overlooking Lake of the Pines. Many of the sites are on the lake side where you can watch the early morning sunrise in the east.  It has a very nice nature trail connected to the campgrounds where you can hike or snowshoe and explore the area. New to the campground is a 50 foot ADA accessible fishing pier. This campground is closed till April 15, 2019.

Connors Lake Campground and Picnic Area is closed till Memorial Day Weekend. A number of the sites at Connors Lake Campground are located directly on Connors Lake and are also very well maintained.

If you are interested in reserving sites for 2019.  Lake of the Pines campground and Connors Lake Campground can be reserved through the camping page of the DNR website or by going on or calling 1-888-947-2757 to register.  Both campgrounds are little gems so think “camping”!

Flambeau River Campsites are located along the North fork of the Flambeau River in the State Forest.  This area includes seven landings and 14 river sites that are diligently maintained. These river sites have up to three camping units at each river site.  The sites include a picnic table, fire ring, and toilet facilities.  There are also three group sites in operation. These sites are free to the public but must be accessed only by watercraft from the river.

Looking for a unique deer hunting experience?  The Flambeau River State Forest allows “traditional deer camps” throughout the Forest in designated areas during the nine day gun deer season.  For more information, give us a call at 715-332-5271 ext. 111.  Be sure to contact us before the Oct. 31 deadline.

Swimming, boating and fishing conditions

The Flambeau River and the surrounding lakes in the State Forest such as Connors, Lake of the Pines (walleye, bass, musky, northern and panfish), Bass Lake (largemouth bass, panfish), Swamp, Pelican, Mason and Evergreen Lakes, are great places to fish and explore.

The lakes are ice covered with 20-plus inches of ice. With the snowfall that we received the lakes are heavy with snow and travel on the lakes with vehicles, is limited to the roads that were plowed on Lake of the Pines and on Connors Lake. There have been fishermen out on both lakes enjoying limited success. They have been fishing for walleye on Connors Lake and crappies on Lake of the Pine.  Mason and Evergreen Lakes are being fished for crappie, walleye and perch.  Grab your family and friends and get out and experience ice fishing!

To learn more about ice safety, go to the DNR website and type in “ice safety.”

If you need more information about the FRSF, email or call 715-332-5271 ext.111. Be cautious when the river runs high and fast (carries debris), know your limitations, have the right safety equip., tell someone your trip plans, be aware of the weather, steer clear of rocks, never enter the river under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


We are experiencing mild temperatures during the day and single digits at night.  Some area residents burn wood for heat and are stoking their stoves heavily to keep their homes and businesses warm. There is 20-plus inches of ice on the lakes and approximately 20-plus inches of snow cover after the last snowfall and we’re expected to receive 5 to 8 more inches today and more in the forecast for the rest of this week. The deer and the elk are conserving their energy and aggressively browsing in logging areas. Ermine are active; ravens are engaged in mating behavior; wolves are mating and bald eagles begin nesting. Ah, so goes February.  The hardier birds such as the juncos, snow buntings, woodpeckers, blue jays crows and eagles are eating seeds, insects under the tree bark or carrion along the roadsides.  Always a favorite, Flambeau staff have seen some turkeys and ruffed grouse as we work the forest. Grouse are feeding on dormant flower buds or catkins of trees such as the aspens, birches, cherries, and ironwood.  It’s a hungry time in the north.

There are 16 active logging sales at this time on the Flambeau River State Forest. Conditions are good for winter logging and the frost level is deep. The temperature has been so cold as to allow for cutting in some tamarack swamps. Be aware of large logging trucks on the roads and the roads are extremely icy and slippery. Come and enjoy this beautiful river and the wilderness of the Forest.  Because of the snow depth foresters and forest staff need to use snowshoes for setting up logging sales and doing work in the woods.

Come and enjoy this beautiful river and the wilderness of the Forest.  If you have a plan to hunt or hike, we suggest you bring a compass, as some navigational devices will not have continual reception. Come and enjoy this beautiful river and the wilderness of the Forest.  If you have a plan to hunt or hike, we suggest you bring a compass, as some navigational devices will not have continual reception. Have a good rest of the week and weekend.

Last revised: Wednesday February 20 2019