Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Water supply Frequently asked questions

I have concerns about water quality. What resources are available?

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a Drinking water web page designed to answer a variety of water quality issues.

Must I hire a licensed well driller?

You are allowed to drive or drill a well on property that you own. Otherwise, you must hire a licensed well driller and/or pump installer. If, for instance you hire a person to oversee a building project (general contractor), the person or business that drives or drills the well must be licensed by the State of Wisconsin.

I won't be drinking the water flowing into my place of business. Do I still need to have it tested?

Yes. If you will have a flowing water supply to your building, you must have an approved potable water supply.

What business activities could cause my business to need water?

Your small business may need water for such basic services such as restroom facilities (toilets, sinks, showers), breakrooms (coffeemaker, sinks), or fire suppression (sprinkler systems, standpipes) to process water needed for complex business operations.