Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources


Water supply Definitions

Community water system

means a public water system which serves at least 15 service connections used by year-round residents or regularly serves at least 25 year-round residents. Any public water system serving 7 or more homes, 10 or more apartment units, or 10 or more condominium units shall be considered a community water system unless information is available to indicate that 25 year-round residents will not be served.

Driven point well or sand point well

means a well constructed by joining a drive point with lengths of pipe, and driving the assembly into the ground with percussion equipment or by hand, but without first removing material below the 10-foot depth.

High capacity well

means a well constructed on a high capacity property.

High capacity property

means one property on which a high capacity well system exists or is to be constructed.

High capacity well system

means one or more wells, drillholes or mine shafts used or to be used to withdraw water for any purpose on one property, if the total pumping or flowing capacity of all wells, drillholes or mine shafts on one property is 70 gallons perminute based on the pump curve at the lowest system pressure setting, or based on the flow rate.


means registered by the department to engage in the business of well drilling or pump installing in Wisconsin.

Non-community water system

means a public water system that serves fewer than 25 year-round residents.

Private water system

means any water system supplying water that is not a public water system.

Public water system

means a system for the provision to the public of piped water for human consumptions if such system has at least 15 service connections or regularly serves an average of at least 25 individuals daily at least 60 days per year. A public water system is either a "community water system" or a "non-community water system." Such systems include:

  1. Any collection, treatment, storage, and distribution facilities under control of the operator of such system and used primarily in connection with such system, and
  2. any collection or pretreatment storage facilities not under such control which are used primarily in connection with such system.

means a public or private educational facility in which a program of educational instruction is provided to children in any grade or grades from kindergarten through the 12th grade. Water systems serving athletic fields, school forests, environmental centers, home-based schools, day-care centers and Sunday schools are not school water systems.

Water supply

means the sources, wells, pumps and intake and storage structures from which water is supplied for any purpose.

Water system

means the water supply, storage, treatment facilities and all structures and piping by which water is provided for any purpose.


means any drillhole or other excavation or opening deeper than it is wide that extends more than 10 feet below the ground surface constructed for the purpose of obtaining groundwater.