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Air management Air permits: Existing businesses

If you operate an existing business and want to make any changes, the procedure will depend on whether you already have an operation permit.

If you don't currently have an operation permit, the first steps in this section of the permit primer will walk you through the process of determining whether your existing business needs any air permits or is covered by exemptions. There are three approaches by which you may qualify for an exemption. These approaches include exemptions based on:

  • categories of units being installed;
  • total actual emissions from the whole operation; or
  • total maximum theoretical emissions for the operation.

The permit primer will take you through these exemptions first. If you are not eligible to use one approach, you will be prompted on to the next exemption, walking through each approach until you find either that you are exempt or that you must apply for a permit.

If you have an operation permit, your next steps will depend on whether your permit is close to its renewal time or instead needs to be revised. The next steps in the Permit Primer will walk you through that process. You may have an existing operation permit on file with the DNR. Check your files for an air permit document with reference to a 9-digit number followed by a suffix that might include -Pxx, -Fxx, -Sxx, or -Gxx (see this example of a Final Operation Permit [first 3 pages] [PDF]).

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Last Revised: Thursday December 11 2014